i know i have not been the most reponsible and efficient blogger but i promise i'll get back soon ;)


Deja Vu

i could never ask for a better now .
but was i being unfair and selfish ?
self interest was the sake of protection .
is it wrong to protect ourselves?
what have i done to deserve this ?
does that make u a better person on what u've done?
im sorry but regrets dont turn back time.
there are no ways to undo those regrets.
how many times would u repeat those two words?
honestly, i dont know.
i dont know if i was ever happy .


The Tourists .

sister wanted to get some fabrics to sew some pouches and stuff .
so i tagged Amy along because i could use her help .
turns out that we did a little sight seeing .
since i have never been to Central Market . even if i did that was when i had baby teeth .
i quite enjoy what i've seen . and i feel like a tourist walking around .
oh well, people might have mistaken me as a singaporen . :B
even visited Petaling Street and had the famous soya bean drink and tau fu fah .
soya ftw !

we end up buying double the amount of fabric compared to the previous visit to Kamdar.
but no doubt there are difference in terms of quality .
and i was pretty jakun taking pictures of the city because i dont walk around the streets of the city so often :/
so much of being a pampered daughter. tsk .
wanted to snap more but i didnt dare to flash my Panda around so much incase someone would take Panda away from me )':

yes, we did a lot of walking . ftw !



perfect roasted chicken .

tuesday was western night .
i made a roasted chicken for the night.
pretty happy w the outcome since i followed Jamie Oliver's recipe.
but there is a little space for improvements .

wednesday i took a day off for myself from the kitchen .
headed to Midvalley w Amy since she needed to shop .
i refrained from shopping since my wallet isnt fat lately .
it was really sweet of Amy to get clothings for her mom as well .
we went to food garden for a light lunch since we didnt want to spend a lot on food and it was kinda late already.

Milo cupcakes.

thursday i was quite free and i made Milo cupcakes.
it turns out to be delicious since i doubled the amount of milo used in this cupcake .
i've even used the non local milo which is the australian formulated ones.
yummers. i love australian milo compared to msian ones. so much milkier !
the butter icing was good but i think its overly sweet .
baking lesson ; always reduce the amount of sweetness from the recipe unless u really have a sweet tooth .

i will prolly make them soon again for my collegemates and for more people to try (:
a pinch of coffee into the cupcakes perhaps ? i guess it'll turn to Neslo cupcakes!

that night , headed down to Taipan w the uncle & aunt for Starbucks since i've been owing them drinks for ages. it was a great night filled w personal thoughts and views . sure did bring us closer and closer . i gave them cupcakes too !

four seasons .

everything seem to crash onto me now.
good, bad, best and the worst.


For the day .

Herbal chicken soup

Boiled this today for dinner.
the picture isnt the end result of the soup because the end result doesnt look that pretty .
i think it taste pretty good .

Recap .

this is what i did for the week ;

scrapped durian cake :B

it was a durian feast. one morning, dad came home w 4 average sized durians.
we nearly died eating them and as usual, we couldnt finish and kept them .
next day, mom brought home a huge container filled w durians. it was from the uncle.
we died again. sister took the idea up of making durian cakes. :3
sister did nice onces by using the round shaper to make them look neat and i came up w the idea of using the chiffon cake scraps to make it into a "cake"
or else it would be really wasted to be thrown into a bin ):
anyways, i gave that cup to Amy because i think it looks really really cute w the durian custard oozing out. yummers!

fresh scallops w cauliflower puree and bacon crumble topping

clearly i did not come out w this recipe.
it was inspired by Julie Goodwin w an appearance at Aus Masterchef S2.
i made these at the same day but for dinner.
since mommy bought these juicy scallops like ages, i thought of clearing the freezer by cooking them .
the recipe was really really simple and i think everyone enjoyed the scallops .
^____^ it was also a prove to daddy because he often complain that i glue my eyes to Masterchef so much and i did not cook for him .
glad he loved it !

at the same night, i boiled wintermelon w dried cuttlefish soup.
it was not that bad either. i didnt take a picture of that because i was really busy travelling around like a bee to get ingredients.

i nearly died that day because it was so tiring to actually cook.
imagine those who actually have to cook and do the house chores.
housewives really deserve a huge appreciation ;)


Fire .

pms week. i choose not to blog in order not to explode here.
kthxbai . :3


blissful sunday .

top : Tiramisu ; bottom : Lemon Meringue

went over to aunt's place to do some baking.
was suppose to go the day before but there was a rally going on.
daddy warned sister and i not to head out.
it was indeed a torturing satuday.
its okay, today was a fruitful day ^______^
sister made Tiramisu today and i love her tiramisu a lot.
i often request extra coffee, extra rum and extra chocolate! hehe!
all i did was to seperate and mix the basic stuff.
perhaps sister didnt me, the trouble maker to screw up her expensive dessert ! :3

right after the Tiramisu,
aunt and i made the Lemon Meringue.
i did a mistake at first and had to start all over the dough.
sorry god for wasting food ):

with a little help from everyone, i think we handled it pretty well.
it was quite challenging because making the tart is like calling hell to switch on the aircond.
im not sure if i would called it a successful one as i've never eaten or baked before a lemon meringue.
after that, i gave a box of 2 to Amy for her to try.
how often do i bake anyway? and i always shower her w food and love d:
i hope she doesnt think i treat her as a white rat ):
i'll be giving one to Trisha as well since she desperately wants it no matter how much i criticised my Lemon Meringue from top to bottom.

im so jealous of aunt's KitchenAid mixer. its like an ugly woman who just did a major plastic surgery.
its so sexy and it comes w so many pretty colours!
sister and i are dying to get one but its so expensive. ):
shall start saving money for it ! *serious face*