another freshly baked from oven edited picture :D

i dont really like this week.
too many things are happening,
things are happening too sudden and messed up.
i dont know how to describe my feelings.

maybe this wasnt my best year in high school ever.
things can just change in a blink of eye.

by the way, back on what happened today in school.
a friend of mine found a kitten,
which we always see a few,
jumping and running at the 1st floor from the assembly hall.
its black in colour and super cute.
we thought it was a female at first, too bad. its a male.
we first named him Edward, but it sounded kinda funny, so we named him Tigger instead.

someone who is kind enough ponteng-ed out to get HL milk from 7-11 to feed Tigger.
too bad, we couldnt find any big boxes,
in the end we gotta put him inside the extra dustbin,
which considered clean.
Tigger was pretty scared of us at first, but he got used after some time.
we gave him a ribbon to play as well.
in the end he got too tired and happy playing,
he fell asleep. awww. cuteness. he looks like he's smilling when he's sleeping.
but cats cant smile lah, i know .__.

and today miss sim loves pointing the gun at me and mina.
no idea why. we done nothing wrong lah .__.
so we decided to sit infront instead, because of some certain distraction.

someone kinda pissed me off today.
i think i gotta make a i-dont-like list one day.
call me idiot or bossy or whatever u want, :)

really, i felt so pissed off today.
i now realise,
people often approach me for advantages.
i dont expect anything in return,
but sometimes its a little too over.
i dont mind if people really need help,
but were they even thankful for what i've done?

the globe is moving and i guess people have to move on also?
but i didnt expect this to happen.
which is i no longer important.
i knew this would happen.
friends do come and go.

i dont feel like blogging neemore.
i guess i should start studying now.
i dont wana flunk my papers.

now that its fading away,
would u still care like u used to?

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