okay, firstly i think i need to complain.
prepare ur ear plugs.
oh wait, suppose to be sunnies.
since u cant hear me mumbling ;)
okay. crapping.

i can barely stand this lousy school anymore.
as soon as i graduate, im gona tell everyone in www= (whole wide world)
that my school is a money sucker and idiotics.

i helped my friend with the photocopy thing,
and its school's property.
and its last minute work.
so its IMPOSSIBLE we are using our own money to photocopy school's property.
we decided to use the school's photocopy room instead.

teacher needs the photocopy on the same day, which is around 1pm.
and things get started around 1145pm++
make things worst, its not only photocopying a piece of paper.
more than 100 pieces with different contents.
so we gotta open and close that bloody photocopy machine for about 100 times.

we gotta do these all by ourselves.
thanks to the lazy photocopy room staffs.
giving excuses saying that they cant finish by that day.
when we volunteered to do it by ownselves.
he put a fcuking smile on his face saying "can ka?"

and guess what he was budy doing?
busy chatting and talking so called philosophy with his other friend.
even talked about buying handphone.

makes things worst,
the fat lady from the office,
cant shut her fcuking mouth.
she keep scolding us saying that we arent allow to enter the photocopy room.
even scolded us saying why we do things last minute and called us to go to the bookshop and photocopy. which means we need to pay.
she even complain hers was much more important because its teachers stuff and saying things are also delaying bla bla.

hello, do u even think we want to do all this in last minute? and, what makes u think we have six sense and we dont predict future. another thing is, these are also school property not ours. lastly, since u said urs were much important, why dont u go down to the bookshop and photocopy? because we have to hand this by 1pm, so who's much more important now?

obviously i did not said those to her,
or else i'll be having tea time with the headmistress, in her office.

if my identity wasnt as a student,
words would surely come out from my voicebox instead of standing right infront of her fat face being scolded.

okay next, i swear, end of complains :P

i've skip my class today.
because i need some quality sleep.
i've been waking up continuously at 530am just to refresh my mind and study.
except for thursday,
was really the worst nightmare.
i slept at almost 2am waking up at 5am.
just to continue studying my physics and biology.
i felt dumb, because even i had the actualy physics paper with 2 big fat ass reference book infront of me, i still cant manage to solve most of it.

and i barely had the time to study biology.
i felt so sleepy most of the time during my papers.

right after school we had a birthday celebration for spellman, at KFC.
although im not a fan of KFC, but i dont mind :)
as long as the birthday boy is happy.

i planned to go home and sleep instead of attending his party,
but cannot resist to join the party.
since i think we hardly have the chance to celebrate his birthday after this year.
sighhh. our last year in school.

hope he's happy,
and spellman , really sorry that i couldnt join u for the suprise in ur house.
was really super tired.
hope u liked the cake! :D

after i went home for a nice shower,
i threw myself to the sofa and slept like a dead cat.
i heard sounds of vibrating from my phone.
which include calls and texts,
i can barely open my eyes to reach for my phone.

so, 2 more papers to go, till im free. just awhile.
till then i have another test coming up real soon.
gotta work harder this time!

p/s ; i passed my history paper. consider good for a non history fanatic like me :) thanks alot to fish for helping me on the very last minute! and other friends who helped as well.

long long post. :P

sometimes you cared, sometimes u don't.
im confused.

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