okay, i got complained for uploading sunrise or sunset picture already.
so this time, i uploaded sunflower instead.

i had many tired nights recently.
i've been sleeping late almost the whole week.
i had to rush homeworks and stuff.

i barely have the time to enjoy now.

im not really in a mood to blog actually.
since quite many things happened.
and i dont know how should i express it here.
so i decided to keep it in my heart instead.
and shall see how things flow.

i think my readers are already decreasing.
what to do, the blogger is such a boring blogger.
dont know how to entertain my readers.

i guess i should continue studying now.
i dont think i can load everything in my brain now. sigh.

i guess im giving up again.
more papers next week, so i guess i wont be blogging often through out the whole week.
but i'll still try :)

ps :- friends said my playlist was too high pitched. btw, i've change it already!! :)

if you’ve heard too, have you thought of me?
as the usual old friend or would you still be concerned bout me?
there is so much i wish to tell you
one heart is left hanging without landing

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