okay, so called daily updates :P

my maid went back to Philipines for a month,
due to a sad incident,
where her dad is passing away due to old age.

things are going pretty smooth,
the sucky thing is i have to be alone during noon.
im actually scared being alone at home.

tuesday we skipped school,
went to Yaki Yaki for buffet lunch.
the food there was not bad.
Jogoya had better range.
but this was unique, since we got to BBQ our own food,
and unlimited order from the menu.

i loved their honey chicken alot.
mina loved their unagi,
seriously, uncoutable plates of unagi she ordered.

i did not bring my camera along since its with sister,
and i dont feel like bringing the DSLR along as i would be walking around here and there. wearing heels. which is not really that high lah.
but still i survived walking with heels for almost 6 hours.
damn proud :P

and now my foot are filled with blisters. wohoo.
laugh lah laugh lah, i know im a failure .__.

okay back to buffet.
the environment was okay,
except its a little troublesome when u sit at certain place.
u have to take almost half a round just to get down to the food area.
and i need to complain!
they dont have coconut like how jogoya served!
reviews said they have coconut!! sob.
i was so looking forward for the coconut. gahhh.

after the lunch,
we headed to sg wang,
took neoprints :)
whee, for the first time.

daddy pick me up after that,
i showered quickily and we went out for dinner.
after dinner we had to send our maid to the LCCT airport.
eee, i dont like that airport.

before we leave the airport,
we bought some chocolates and sweets from the chocolate shop :)
too bad, i couldnt get my mint M&M there.

yesterday we had a trip to Victoria Institution school.
for the college stuff.
i kinda feel in love with that school.
very british kind of feel :)
especially with the clock thingi.
that school's field is like twice of the size of my school
and walking a whole big round around the school,
tiring as well.

i liked their dustbin system!
okay, sam pat, i know.
what to do, my school's dustbin system sucky.

met loads of old primary mates.
ahhh, so much prettier already.


It doesn't matter how I try,
I gave it all so easily ,
to you my love,
To dreams that never will come true.

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