teheeee. im loving my mozilla skin!
zebraaaa !

finally im free,
just for the moment lah.
finally i get to have my sleeping time back.
sleeping late and waking up early, so suffering.
plus, i often feel dizzy and sleepy while doing the first paper.

my study table is in a hugeee mess.

too many books until i have to tumpang my sister's table.

i couldnt imagine what would happen if tomorrow was SPM.
maybe by that time i dont even dare to nap for 5 minutes .__.

but i just dont like it when they have chemistry and add maths paper on the same day.
so torturing. :(

i think i need to start complaining again.
get ur sunnies ready.

really cant stand her kepoh-ness.
today , she purposely pick on me for no fcuking reasons.
i was talking discreetly enough already still wana pick on me.
plus, the guys were talking super fcuking loud,
she dont even wana scold them.

another thing is,
when we were passing up the papers.
she actually accused me copying as well.
which i didnt.
i was talking to my friend who came to me and talked about the lunch plan.
end up that TEACHER, wrote that the whole group of girls that gathered,
discussing answer.

great, now the OTHER teacher that marks my paper,
gonna complain. bla bla bla.

whatever, let her complain,
even if we told the truth, she wouldnt believe us anyway.
teachers helping teachers.

end of complain.

on the other hand, i have a feeling i'll fail my add maths. great.

today had lunch with daddy at dim sum.
we talked alot about the perth trip.
yes, i miss there alot.
not really.
if i have the chance to return there,
first place i would go to is the supermarket.
i seriously love their snacks and biscuits selling there.
arnotts are their leading brand.
so its like, wide range of that biscuits. delicious!
and i wana get their M&M's in mint flavour.
i couldnt stop eating that chocolate when i was at perth.
i ate the M&Ms as if i was eating popcorn!
not to forget their milo.
its totally different from malaysia's one :D
i love their milo lots. taste much more milky.

and the second place i would go is to the city,
to get super duper cheap stuff.
especially brands on roxy, their local brands, tees, shoes.. ahh,
thinking of it makes me faint :P

and detour somewhere around the city to get all sorts of flavoured nougats.
and and, their hotdogs.

their apple strudels :)

then i can come back KL happily.

okay, i think end of story for today.
cant wait for tomorrow! ohlalala.
kawan baiks know what i mean :D

Am I strong enough to see it thru?
Go crazy is what I will do...
if I can't have you,
I don't want nobody, baby

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