krispy kreme is finally in town :)

here's a little review of mine.
since im a doughnut lover.

tuesday me and mina went over to times square,
for some class gathering.
i kept bugging her for krispy kreme.
and finally as soon we step a foot on Times Square,
i kept searching for the doughnut smell,
which i couldnt .__.
but still manage to find the shop.
i was super duper happy and exicted,
was wondering do they have samples like what BigApple Donuts did last time during their opening week.

we started to line up as soon as we reached without thinking.
thank god the line isnt long during that hour.
i planned earlier to get it before it reaches late noon or evening,
which i was afraid the line would be longer during after work hours.

they gave us a free sample of Original Glazed donut.
it was seriously love a first bite!
it was much much better than BigApple and JCo's!
and it melted in my mouth :P
nahh, its just the sugar, not the donut.

mina and i got 1 dozen and shared into 2 separate boxes.
i would round off per box which contains half dozen costs RM12 ,
which is still considered quite reasonable for a yummy dummy donut.
especially when they are using Hershey's chocolate for their donuts instead of using other cheap baking chocolate.

there are total of 15 flavours to choose.

i've bought these flavours :)

from top left to the bottom :
Hershey's Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Glazed Cake, Hershey's Dark Chocolate, Original Glazed, Powdered Strawberry Filled, and Original Glazed.

i personally love chocolated flavoured donuts.
i ate Hershey's Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Glazed Cake, Hershey's Dark Chocolate.
the Cookies and Cream was not that bad. it wasnt too sweet. which is good.
Chocolate Glazed Cake, was my favourite! its slighty much filling than the others since the texture is cake type.
Dark Chocolate was my favourite as well. since i loved dark chocolate alot. I like the part where the chocolate melts in my mouth :)
mom ate the Powdered Strawberry Filled,
sadly she said the strawberry filling isnt that much.

the texture of the donut is nicer and much more solid compared to others brands.

Krispy Kremes is currently on top of my favourite donut list! ;)
no more BigApple, JCO, and Dunkin for me.

for more info, visit Krispy Kreme!

i've just join friend with krispy kreme :)

now, im a happy krispy kreme's friend!

okay, and now im craving for more other flavours!

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