headed pavilion yesterday.
yeah, again.
this time with the family.

and i trainned myself to walk on my leopard printed heels.
yes, suffering, but still can tahan.
manage to tahan for around 2 hours ++
then headed to Hakka restaurant for dinner.

its been a long time since we went there.

the dinner was super bloated.
and we ate crab.
yays, i manage to crack the hard shell by myself this time.
i remembered how pampered was i last time, keep calling daddy to crack it for me.
but still daddy helped me a little last night.

note to self : never wear white when u're eating something extreme. LOLs.

because i stained my white cardigan alot. gahh.
and my place was pretty messed up with the shells. :P

but yet, it was quite enjoying.
daddy enjoyed the crab alot.
because we seldom crave for crab.

after the dinner i smell so crabby.

edit *

i woke up pretty late today.

had lunch at MidValley.
Manhattan fish market.
wheee. i love their seafoods and salad. yummy dummy.

did nothing much.
and i cannot tahan from myself to enter shops that i adore. eeek.
then we had japanese ice cream.
honeydew flavoured is yummy dummy.

before that went to ToysRUs to get a hulla hoop.
heh, nothing to do.

nothing much then went home.
gahh. my day is sooo boring.

actually this post was typed on monday,
but i didnt have the time to post it up. bleh.

omgosh. amy, where on earth are u? i was waiting for your text!

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