i've been drinking bubble milk tea for 3 days.
yes, damn crazy.
and i swear no more chocolate flavoured!
im not gona say it here because it was damn embarassing lor okay.
soon im gona invent a chocolated fragrance.
hahahaha. or maybe pisang goreng.
since some people were craving over food alot.

edit *

i actually typed this post the day before,
but i was quite busy doing some other stuff until i gotta delay this.

had bubble tea for the 4th time in this week.
but what to do, librarians' stall always seduce me plus the weather is freaking hot.
until can die.

by the way, i've update a little on my link list,
so drop me a message if i've not added your link yet,
and i apologize first :)

and i've updated my " Fashion Addicts" on the right side of the bar,
so, do visit my friend's blog, selling labeled bags , which is cheaper in malaysia.

last thing,
i've made an account in Twitter!
so sign up and follow me pretty please? :)
thankies tons!

updates soon.

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