im a dessert lover.
i dragged my sister to bring me out for dessert as she promised me last time.
so we headed to SS15 for dessert yesterday.

the shop is located at the first floor.
so make sure u open ur eyes wide wide when searching for it.
especially during night time.
its located opposite Asia Cafe.
and near by Baker's Cottage Bakery.

the place is a little small.
quite crowded.
and i guess their famous dessert is their taro balls.
which is their special recipie from Taiwan.
if not mistaken, the owner is also a Taiwanese.

so we decided to sit outside instead.
less noise and not so crowded.

there are no table service.
everything is self service.
i guess its better. save tax and more systematic.
so other customers wont go snatching over the waiter / waitress to take orders when its crowded.

but most of people might think if self service u wont know which dessert is yours.
so our holy scientists or engineers or whatever lah, humans sounds the best,
had invented this UFO device.
some people might have not seen this device before because its not really well known yet. if im not mistaken lah.
but i've seen this UFO device before in Perth while taking order for Fish and Chips.
i find this device quite good. doesnt require any number calling.
okay, skip crap.

introducing the UFO.
when your dessert is done, ur UFO will vibrate and light up.
cute leh :D

reading what is it stated on the UFO.

she also wana take .__.

tadaaa. i dont know whats the name.
but its their speciality and recommended dessert.
oh yeah , i forgot something.
their menu is a little, confusing.
we took almost 10 mins to confirm our order.
because my mighty sister, wana add taro balls and more taro balls, and red beans and blah. until the fella who took order also blur case.

my dessert was much more simple.
as stated in previous post, i love jelly.
so i ordered the jelly dessert. something like those which is sold in night market.

i was trying to test to see the jelly got "dan sing" or not. LOLs.

okay , after this picture, there are lots of ugly pictures of me.
so laugh lah. talk bad lah. haihh. i dont care. -__-

but exclude this two pictures lah. my sister is not ugly. ;)

okay, this is ugly.

wana try someee? open your mouth big big and say ahh. :P

dont get mistaken with this picture.
its not because my dessert was suck.
its because my sister, sigh, made me laugh until i spill my jelly out.
how yucky. ahhhh. another ugly picture.

to show how nice the dessert is, i show u guys my thumbb! :P

we were trying out self timer shot.
so i ke poh, test test the camera.

big big bowls of dessert.

my shocking and retarded face because i didnt know it was a self timer multiple shot and i got shocked why is there so many snaps.

no idea what this expression is.

and yes, back to the taro ball story.

these are taro balls.
*please love my taro blalls. i put on alot effort editing it :D *
if not mistaken, sweet potato balls. :)
i kinda like it but it gets a little too bored after eating large amount of taro balls.
my tummy was filled with taro and taro and more taro .__.

picture time before leaving.
so show evidence she was there -__-

so my conclusion,
if u are a fan of beans and stuff,
i suggest u to order their speciality.
if u are not a fan of beans stuff like me,
just order the jelly one or something else.

price is quite reasonable there.
but parking, not really that good.
gotta make rounds a few times to get a parking.
and if u found one, suggest to park and walk. or else u'll have to wait until there's no tomorrow.
if not mistaken, its open during day time and closes at 11pm.

overall i'll rate 4/5 for that place.
worth visiting ;)


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