I've been MIA for a few days i guess.

had been helping out to clean the house and stuff.
really tiring. but i wouldnt complain since everyone is doing their part as well.

went to 1U on labour's day.
i entered forever 21 uncountable times.
wanted to get something in the end daddy said no.

then saturday night was The Gardens.
we had flying chillies for dinner.
seriously, if u dont have an itchy tastebud,
dont go. its super spicy although its rated 1 chilly.

i think i almost had all my paper results for this intervention.
i dont wana brag on how much i get,
but some were good, some were bad.
sighh. biggest dissapointed was i spend my night till 4am just to do the damn paper.
but at least it was a passing mark. close to failing mark.

the worst thing is,
although i have the paper in hand a few days earlier,
i still couldnt achieve my target,
so what if i couldnt get any paper this time?
in a week away and i'll have to sit another paper again.
by then i'll be sleeping late and waking up early everyday.
i know i shouldnt complain, because i should have prepared earlier.
but right know i dont even have the spirit to open the books.

another thing is,
i really hope all these drama could stop.
im sick and tired of it. didnt i told u i needed time?
what do u expect from me now?
im already stressed up with my studies now and how can i even care about u?
while i cant even take care of myself.
would u please respect my privacy and dont be a stalker?
giving me tons of excuses.
the harder u are trying now, it actually freaks me out even more.
i've already tried my best to accept who u are.
this isnt about anybody's character,
but think by yourself, what have u done in the past ?
u think its easy to get over that incident?

i dont know what on earth am i blogging now.
i feel like tearing now.

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