na na na.
more updates ;)
im such a nice blogger. right?
lol. so thick faced.

gona update what happen few weeks ago.
we day cared a dog.
a local breed dog.
such a lil cutie! :)

and for dog lovers, who are interested to adopt,
can consider this tiny lil fella. :)

my sis and her bf actually name him rosberg.
i dont really like that name :P
so i decided to call him.. i forgot the name.
lol. sorry, having short termed memories. heh.

few pictures of this lil fella

his hands soo cute :)

he's a cute lil boy.
when i was trying to take a picture of him.
he kept coming closer to my camera lens.
he wanted to scratch the camera as well. gahh.
maybe he felt annoyed lah. heh.
but he's quite photogenic.
unlike JJ, so hideous.

last and my fav picture of him :)

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