updates. i'll explain further in another post.

alright, my wesak day post! :)

starting off to the temple.
do some prayers and stuff.

then went to get the holy water from the monks,
if not mistaken :)
sorry but i dont really know their tradition.

then me and daddy rush to the front,
since we wana be infront to avoid the crowd.

i guess we actually walked with the police car.
feels much more secure.
btw, i wasnt really afraid of my belongings getting stolen.
since wesak day its like a holy day for us.
and to so called forgive our sins.
plus, there's alot police man around.
and i guess the moment u scream, people who just bash that pick pocket.

okay. crap. skip.

they actually call this the flower car in chinese.
too bad, i only manage to snap one because this was the leader.
and the others were kinda far behind.
because of this fella, made appearance.
shall talk about it further soon.

daddy lighting up the candle. :)
and yays, this time i dont have to hold it.
since we made a deal. and i got to bring the camera along.
there were alot bigger and better gadgets around me.
jealous jealous.
even saw daddy's friend, which daddy call him as a sifu.

when the walk starts.
people who participated this walk are mostly chinese.
of course there are indians as well. :)

and yes, the man who caused the cars behind to slow down,

wearing batik long sleeved, black slack trousers and leather shoes.
well, it should be super hot then.

this year,
the direction was different compared to last year.
what to do, people wana make appearance.
we passed by petaling street, KLCC and sungei wang.

resting while waiting for others so come forward.
daddy showing off his nike.

light effect.
if u could see the KL tower.

KL tower.
gah, i hate my hands for being so shaky,
and i cant really stand a spot for a long time,
or else i'll be blocking people walking
plus, tripod was needed for this picture.

some random uncle.
i guess he's annoyed :P

when they were resting around sungei wang area,
i ran to starbucks to get iced tea.
heh. because i was freaking hot.
i kept drinking water non- stop.

before we end the walk,
the moon was sooo round.
so i decided to snap a picture.
gahh, i wan 350mm.
then i can get a better picture of the moon.

good night!

p/s : pictures quality aint that good. hands were shaky. sigh.

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