okie dokie.
im back with more updates.
i was quite busy editing pictures and stuff.

friday we skipped school.
headed to pavilion for a movie.
ms tay was late. well, she has her own reasons and its acceptable lah.
plus, since she often wait for me last time, so its fair to wait for her i guess?
:D * see i damn kind lor *

we went by public transport.
*obviously, since all of us dont have still dont have license *
we chit chat and gossiped alot in the train.

when we reached pavilion we headed to the GSC to get tickets.
we watched angels and demons.
we got the 3.20pm one instead since we coulnt get for the 12.20pm

then we had lunch at sakae sushi.
and as usual, i'll order my favourite sushi.

this is my love, tobiko. there's ebiko too, but this one looks nicer. :)
pic credits to mina.

my sifu , ms fish. having her tempura udon.

and this sexy vivian. having her curry chicken don.

i look retarded. but sometimes gotta post some ugly pictures for readers to see :P

my chicken duno what crap la.
pic credit to mina :D

and poor mina's chicken don.
waited so long end up no more stock.
so me and fish gotta eat slowerrrrr just to wait for her don to come as well.
but nevermind lah, enjoy the food slowly :)

after lunch we walked around.
and continued gossip about peoples.
since we're waiting for the movie.

walk ha walk ha, suddenly, feel like eating something cold.
we bought jelly!
wheee. i love jelly.

cute right??? i look the ba ba pink sheep!

to make time pass faster,
we went to the toilet.
as usual, u know the drill.
and this is why girls take a longer time in the toilet ;)

bergambar session. :)
mina's picture again

manage to squeeze all of us in.

keiyannn and i :)

me and sifu ikan ;)

shopping mate.
geee, i tak suka sony already. always dissapoint us.

geeesh , i wan their skinny legs .__.

me and cheee kuan.
goshh, im so not gona delete this picture no matter what happens.
we are friends since kindergarden till now.
which makes it more than 10 years already.
i always bully her. but still, i sayang her to bits.
sentimental memories.

groupie picture.
i dont mean to steal the spotlight,
because i gotta set the timer.
pity pity. how nice if there's a mini tripod :P

the cleaner was kinda pissed.
since we used their mirror so long.
but, im sure we are not the only one lor .__.
bloody bitch. bleh. boo you.

then we headed to GSC.
bought popcorn. whats a movie without popcorn :P
the movie was okay for me.
i prefer Da Vincci Code more.
i was abit lost in the movie.
what to do, low IQ ma.

after movies,
fish, vivian and keiyan gotta leave.
and i gotta meet daddy at times square.
on the way to times square.
there are some con humans wana con me.

lady ; me

miss miss, help me do abit survey only. *grabs my hand*
ah? i busy lah.
no no, pls la, help lah. u open this brochure i got RM1 commision one. RM1 only u know. not RM 10 ar. help lahhh!
oohhh? * i was damn blur case that time *
kkk, now write ur name behind and sign.
ahhh? * blur blur, den sign*
now open it.
*opens it*
now u see what colour sticker is sticked inside.
*looks at the list of coloured sticker. there's red, yellow, blue, green, and grey. grey is the most special one*
what colour???
grey lohh.
*pats on my hand damn hard* MISS U WON!!! U WON!! SPECIAL PRICE. NOW COME FOLLOW ME BLA BLA
*gives her a lame face* i dont want. u take lah. bye. *walks away*

yah, if im that lucky, god would have dropped rm100 on the floor for me.

i went to bought krispy kreme again.
wheeee. so delicious.
but mom and dad claimed it was super duper sweet.
but i still love ittt! :)

after shopping we went home. gahh. tired day.
went home to do some housework before the maid comes home.

and 12.30midnight i had to follow parents to the LCCT airport to fetch our maid.
gosh, i was too tired till i dozed off in the car.
waited for our maid about 1 hour plus.
one thing i hate going to the airport,
i get to see people hugging in joy and laughter, and also sadness.
sighhh. i want people to wait for me also when i depart.
:( okay, lame.

reached home around 2am plus.
was super tired.
and back to dreams.

p/s ; better love me for this long long post. ;)

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