took this picture quite long ago.
i love the light effect :D

okay, another post.
combo post. have to keep in track or else keiyan would screw me again.

had a busy dizzy month.
since the maid isnt around and i had exams for three freaking weeks.
this time my results decreased.
since im not really in a mood to study after the second intervention.
gahh. its like every 2 weeks having exam. wtf.
how to cover all the chapters lah?

i miss my form 1 till form 3 times.
sighh. so enjoying.

and finally having my mid term break.
i can enjoy happily. heh!
shop till i drop.
online chatting till my fingers break.
or maybe until my eye pop out. woo.
not funny ._. gosh, so lame.

before this went for a little shopping.
just a little lah. heh.
i cant wait till my vacation :)

btw, a movie date with the girlfriends tomorrow.
yays. finally, movies.
seriously outdated.
i've never been to the cinema for like more den 6 months?
what to do, exams keep coming like ladies changing underwears.
too sad, 2 of the kawan baiks are not joining tomorrow.

and yeah, i guess its the 2nd time going out with the girlfriends tomorrow.
so, i cant wait :D

im gona reply a few tags here , i lazy to hop blogs. sorry! :P

fish : yeah la, horny mah. what to do? i guess guys would do anything to satisfy themselves. heh.

vivian : yeah lah, so u better becareful of ur pretty bras ah. later touchwood he come. HAHA.

keiyan : i dont think need CCTV la, since my area got guards already. plus, keiyan, u and that pervert know each other one ahhh! hahaha.

before i end,

why on earth is the kris allen issue still on lah?

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