Bandung trip

Bandung day 2

breakfast at the buffett.
it was pretty good.

then we called the driver.
and headed to our first stop, which is the Ciwidey area to visit kawah putih,
which is one of the extinct volcanoes.
it took us around 1hour ++ to reach there.
seriously a long and bumpy journey.
but i guess its quite worth the visit.
my funny driver, which we named him E, since we couldnt catch up with his pronounsation of his name.
E, told me the journey only takes 1 hour.
i kept asking him when are we reaching and he only gives me a blur face and keeps pointing infront.

until, i cannot stand the long and bumpy journey.
me ; E
E, u kata satu jam?
ya lah, satu jam *mumbles something*
arrr? aihhh. u tipu saya. u punya satu jam baru sampai kaki bukit. lama lagi lor!
ahh? hehehehehehe.

and yeah, the kampung area,
most of them used horse as their transportation.
cool eh? but pity the horses :\

and on they way there are alot of flower, tea and strawberry plantations.
since bandung is already located at a high place,
and they are living even at a higher place. shouldnt be a problem i guess.

the thing we hated during the journey up,
was the seriously bumpy road. VERY.
i guess its 10 times worst than malaysia's.
so malaysian drivers, better be thankful.
dont complain even there's a big hole in the middle of no where.
because bandung has plenty ;)

when we finally reached to the kawah putih,
there are some stalls around the area,
selling strawberries and also fondue.
how cute :D
i tried their fondue.
and i gotta admit that their chocolate does not taste that nice and creamy,
but who cares? its cheap.
almost everything in bandung is cheap.

and my sis bought this cup of bubbles to play,
which i thought it was strawberry juice since it was red in colour.

aww, cute little boy

see? doesnt it look like strawberry juiceee?

and i loveeeeee bubbles alot.
reminds me when i was a little kid.

we then walked further down,
to enter the mouth of the volcano.
and the smell of sulphur is kinda terrible.

the lovey dovey couples.

this picture somehow looks like its taken in heaven.
since it feels so, empty. LOL.

it was pretty cold there.

bubbles. i love this shot ;)

we spend quite alot of time there.
and even bought 2 boxes of strawberry.
which we couldnt finish and ended up giving a box to E at day 4.

next stop was visiting a few shops along a road which sells alot of leather goods.
i dont remember the road and again, i couldnt catch what he was talking.
so yeah, sorry!

nothing actually caught my eye.
again , too many pirated stuff and their shoes aint cheap.
we even encountered a shop which tried to potong us,
they even know we are malaysians by helping us to convert their price in RM.

and it look another long journey back.
we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch, which is the Sindang Reret restaurant.

we are able to choose 2 types of seating.
we choose the tables since we are not used to their traditional style.
we ordered some local fried noodles and fish.
it was quite nice. i would not say that it tasted suck.
except for one dish that we ordered without knowing what it was,
which ends up to be the i dont know which part of the cow.
it doesnt look appetizing lor.

cute mummy who loves to do this sign.

before we leave kawah putih i wanted the heart shape bubble stick.
so sis helped me to ask from the stall.
and the owner was kind enough :D

next was, more shopping.
this time we went to Riau area.
more factory outlets.
such as the summit, heritage, coral and etc.
good thing about shopping is,
most of the factory outlets are along the road or either opposite the road.
so dont have to fear getting lost ;)
the only thing that u gotta fear is crossing the road since bandung's road is often busy dizzy!

we didnt really shop much.
as we got cheap deals for short pants for pyjamas.
this time daddy is a happy man again.
he managed to shop.
and we waited for him with a long papaya face this time :P

by the time we finished shopping was already night time.

we didnt know where to have our dinner so E brought us to a place where he used to bring his other passengers there.
it was a so called high class economic rice.
like u know, those "zhap fan"
but this was a little pricey.
we dare not to order much since we dont really know what it is and we had a lil hard time communicating with them.

as for me, i didnt really like the food there.
the fragrant and taste of the food.
and i was having a little headache due to the bumpy ride to kawah putih.

after dinner, we wanted to buy some fruits.
and yeah, my family cannot live without fruits.
especially my sister and daddy.

E brought us to a mart which sells alot of fruit.
tons of local and imported fruits.
and i was happy because i found the milk that i've been missing!

the M milk. LOL.
im not sure if its the same,
but it felt like the same.
and the picture above was during perth.
i guess i love bringing the yellow jacket everywhere :P

after the fruit shopping,
back to hotel.
and daddy came over to show me his new belt.

i liked the belt alot. and i always wished i was a male :(

then more MAC time after taking a nice shower.



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