Bandung trip

bandung day 3.

started our day with buffett breakfast again.
getting a lil sick of the food this time.

first stop, Ciater hot spring.

this time i told E to tell me the truth on how long does it takes to reach there.
and he did not lie :P

an ice cream man was kind enough to bring us to a tour.

pity him, gotta carry the heavy ice cream box and walk everywhere.

having a nice warm time for our legs.
their water temperature is around 42 degree celcius.
and ph value around 2.45 if not mistaken.

at first it feels like ur leg was boiling but it got alot comfortable after awhile.

this group of people is quite funny.
posed for the camera.

and a friend of his came over to talk to us.
okay, communication problem again. wtf.
he was using a big ass nikon.

it wasnt me who took this picture .__.

cute and funny mom.
only put one of her leg in.

finally me and daddy thought of buying ice cream from the man.
and we gave him tips for being so kind.
at least they are much better than malaysians.

nice time in the dipping my leg and having sponge bob's ice cream. :P

cute kiddy couple :P

i dont remember where it is.

next stop,
kampung daun for lunch.
i strongly recommend u guys to go there.
nice place with nice envorinment.
good food as well.
so far it was my favorite restaurant among all that i've visited.

was kepochi-ing.
since someone was there shooting video.

i ordered this drink.
combi of 2 types of juice and with a scoop of ice cream.
i love it alot. :D

after lunch was some final madness shopping.

we went back to Dago,
for more factory outlets.
Grande, Blossom, Victoria, Uptown and etc.
everything is also along or opposite the road :D

after that a tea time, which is around Jalan Dago in Katrika Sari.
i guess its a very famous bakery.
which sells alot of cakes like layer cake, brownies and also some local crackers.
we bought alot and was thinking how are we gona check it in.
so we went to the counter and requested to put everything in the box and tape it.
how friendly :D

then we went back to jalan riau for daddy to do his shopping.
and he bought back the same belt, but different colour.

we went to Rumah Mo De again.
final shopping.
i manage to get something at least.
i was pretty satisfied ;)

dinner was at Duck King again.
since we were pretty bored with local food.
and i loved their Duck King alot.
seriously good food.

end of tiring day 3.

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