Bandung trip

day 4.

last day.

last breakfast in the buffett.
heh, finally.
seriously bored of it already.

we went back to the room and pack the bags.

then waited for E to come.

hotel actually provide free transport to the airport and we didnt ask that earlier.
so we ended up giving 250000rp to the driver.
gahhh. nevermind. lesson learnt.

and again E lied me saying the airport was 20 minutes away from the hotel.
it was only 5 mins.
i told him "E, u tipu saya lagi. aiyahh. 5 minit saja ke airport. patut pergi shopping dulu"
and he laughed.

we then checked in our bags.
and a staff asked us to go to the cafe to have drinks.
misunderstood happened, but i dont feel like blogging about it.
nothing much.

we then check in and scan our bags.
the security guard was very very nice.
and the airasia staff was kind enough to carry my HelloKitty bag up to the stairs.
he even said that the HelloKitty bag was cutee.

2 hours after departing and finally reached KL.
moment i step out from the plane it was boiling hot.
even my foot starts to sweat.
gahhh. i hate the weather in KL.

end of trip! :D

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