day 1 in bandung.

i would actually include my so called story from the moment i woke up.
i woke up around 530am to get my stuff packed.
this time i used the HelloKitty bag.
since its small and i dont have to check it in :)

my uncle gave us a drive to the LCCT airport.
it looked slightly better after some touch ups.
we first looked at the checking in big ass screen outside.
waited 5 mins and yet the bandung flight doesnt appear.
until daddy gotta ask the staff around. daddy was pretty pissed.

then when we were at the check in counter,
we had the bags weighed and checked in.
we had some hand carries which need not to be check in.
so i saw at the next counter,
a man was so called being cheated money by the airasia staff.
by right, hand carries does not need to be weighed together with the check in bags.
and the staff called him to do so.
therefore, exceeded weight and he called the man to pay RM 200.

last time this is how my maid got cheated as well.

after check in, we went to Oldtown Kopitiam for breakfast.
first thing was, there was nobody to serve us anything or to take our orders.
so i was kind enough to fill in the orders into the order chit,
and passed it to the waiter.

after 30 mins, nothing came.
not even a cup of drink.
we made an enquiry to another waiter.
and guess what,
our order isnt inside the computer system.

when the another waiter found out the waiter who took our order.
he came to our table and tell us, that the order chit was lost.
i was quite hungry that time.

so i wrote the order chit for the second time.
the drinks and food came one by one.
except my sandwich.
until they brought the bill, i asked for my sandwich.
and they said was, "oh, no more sandwich."
in this situation, how can u not be as angry as incredible hulk!?

that god mom brought some food from home.
i was close to tearing because i was super angry.
clumsy and irresponsible workers.

we then walked around the airport,
and checked ourselves in,
and we departed.

the journey took us around 2 hours.

i never really liked airasia air stewards.
always papaya faces as if we killed their family.

my first impression towards bandung airport was,
"is this even an airport? "
because it was located so near to the housing areas.
and usually, when we collect our bags, there is a moving belt like sushi king typo.
but this isnt.
self service.
how great. the place is already small and yet people have to squeeze and gather around the so called belt for their bags.

we then meet the driver that we booked days ago.

and guess what, from the airport to the hotel was only 10 minutes away.
in kl , is total impossible.

i was so called the tour guide for this trip.
since i made a research earlier about places to visit and stuff.
plus, the kind rental car company was kind enough to type me an intinerary!
so things were much better and easier for us.

we stayed in Novotel hotel.
a 4 star hotel.
the thing i was super happy,
there's a big ass MAC desktop at the lobby.
thats how i manage to update my blog and facebook ;)

since the room wasnt ready,
we were given some refreshments from the staff.
such nice people.

we then called the driver and headed to the first destination,
Paris Van Java mall.
quite a famous mall there.

and yes, in almost all bandung malls, they have JCO.
a good thing is, they have a dessert section which i guess they dont have it in Pavilion?

we had our lunch at Duck King.

me and daddy deciding on what to order.

in their country, the dont call duck as itik.
they call it as bebek

after lunch we walked around the mall.
they have brands like roxy, giordano, and more.
not much price different.
but roxy had half price almost storewide :D

i visited a mac store.
and updated my facebook with an iphone.

there is a small stand providing free wifi service for those who doesnt have wifi in their phones.
like, mine. :(

another good thing,
its easy to find wifi everywhere in bandung.
but not in kampung places please.

next stop, was Cihampelas road .
we were suppose to go for the Saung Udjo. which is their tradisional music, angklung.
but since they wanted to shop, so we skipped that.

if im not mistaken, Cihampelas road is famous for their jeans.
every shop has a super hero icon as their shop name.
its not really that easy to walk around that street.
as there are vehicles all the time. and quite a busy road.
so we actually give up on that.

we also went to their Cihampelas walk, which is another mall.
good thing about the mall they have umbrella service when its raining ;)
something similar to Paris Van Java mall.
the guard was also kind enough.
i was asking him a factory outlet name and the location.
he didnt know where it was at first.
when i left that spot and walked somewhere else,
he actually followed me and told me the correct location.
how niceee! :D

so, next stop was Rumah Mo De,
a factory outlet.
i would strongly suggest to go there,
since their clothing are much compared to other factory outlets.
we also visited a few more factory outlets which is along the road.

after shopping was alright night time.
the sky got dark quite early.
i guess around 6pm felt like KL's 8pm.
FYI : time changes in bandung was an hour slower than KL's one

last stop was dinner time
at the Stone cafe.
if not mistaken at Jalan Dago.
its a restaurant located at a so called hill top.
and a very very nice environment.
imagine eating in a cool surrounding.
away from malaysia's heat.
the food was not bad.
also suggest to visit there :)

not much pictures since the place is pretty dark.

then went back to the hotel.
and MAC time :P
the time passed super slow.
but since i was tired.
i should get some quality time sleeping!

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