so so sorry.
suddenly i found out that the memory card inside the DSLR is not there.
which means someone took it lah.
so i wont be really able to upload it .__.

school was fine.
the other day we had lunch at Pizza Hut with fish, keiyan, vivian, and carol.
to me, having lunch at Pizza Hut is always the gossiping corner.
we rarely get to gossip in school.
plus, even gossiping in mamak or some chinese food court,
it wouldnt be that nice since the weather isnt friendly.

and yes, sometimes i dont like the stares that Pizza Hut workers giving to students.
its totally different.
as if we dont have money to pay .__.

today we had a talk in the school hall.
which is completely boring for the first session.
im so so sorry to say this.
second session was so- so only.
it felt like we were 5 year old kiddos.
plus, the whole time me and fish were busy taking pictures *not self potrait la pls.*
talking and complaining on how sleepy we were.

im a little frustrated on which college would i end in.
things that im afraid is :
1) is this a good college?
2) what are the majorities there? *im not being racist but i wouldnt wana end up in a foreign college. and im not saying that everyone is a criminal.*
3) is it located too far away from my house ? * i know, there's such thing as driving but still im afraid to drive on a busy road. althou i've illegally drive around my house several times*
4) what are the fees and requirements? *as people around me knows, my results aint that yummy. and im afraid my spm slip wouldnt fullfill the requirements and also, im afraid that college fees are costing a bomb.*
5) would i be able to socialise with the people around me? *because i even heard some colleges were only for rich kids to play around .__. *
6) i have not think the 6th point yet.

right, people might say that i have plenty of time to think or i already consider good because i have in mind on which path im taking.
but still, lots of worries.
well, like what people say, look forward for the the current ones before thinking something ahead.

im sure everyone would be talking about MJ's death.
yes, pretty sad.
the worst thing is i dont even know he was admited to the hospital before this.
how outdated.
i remembered when i was small, i got freak out because of the movie he acted if not mistaken.
and the thriller video.

but still, he's a legend.
the one who created moonwalk.

and for those who didnt like him or complained that no biggie on his death or wouldnt bother anything, yet still talking about him,
guess what?
u're still busy body and disrespecting people's death.
so what if we did not mention his name eventhou he's still alive now?
does that means he did not once made himself famous?
people talk about death, because its something heartbroken and sudden to accept the truth.

i wont really say that im a big fan of him.
the other side, i feel that, in a harsh word (he so called deserve it)
since i guess majority people knows abt his plastic surgery.
and surgery of course have to do with the heart.
so, he should have thought of the consequences of taking the risk.
but in the end, his jounrey ended as a pop king or moonwalker.
still, he is a legend.

btw, im crapping. nothing to blog ma .__.

may MJ RIP. i hope he's happily moonwalking in heaven now ;)

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