The fallen.

finally another update.
i guess it would be a long delay for the father's day post.
thousands of apologize.

yesterday evening i watched Transformers 2 with my family at the Gardens.
i was pretty happy about that.
at least something to release some tension.

i find that the funny was not bad.
a little boring at the front part.
but when it gets longer it gets more exicting.

the weird thing in the cinema hall was,
i guess only 3 out of maybe 40-50 people laughed the funny scenes.
the 3 people which is my mom, sister and i.
and i think i laughed the loudest.
my dad didnt really laugh alot because he find the movie too confusing.
especially battle between the robots.

but im not sure whether other people are taking movies too seriously or they are lame.
im so so sorry to say that word.
but seriously, how can u not laugh funny parts like the nasty lil robot that Mikaela kept, humped her foot?
and the part where Simmons is climbing up the pyramid and saw the robot's scroctum?

or maybe they didnt knew the meaning of scroctum.

skip that.

we rented blanked which costs RM5.
well, able to share 2 persons.
and its thick and comfy :D

plus, how can u not eat popcorn during movies?
before the show reached half way my sis and i finished up the popcorn .__.
too addictive.

okay, i think i'll stop right here first.
before my mom gets back.

note to self ; sales are everywhere now. wtf wtf. i know, to girls are addictive. but i swore to puasa for few months from shopping. im seriously broke. :(

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