Gifted Talents.

sorry for the late updates.
suppose i can publish this post earlier.
but the connection was being a bitch again.

i attended the SMKBBSP'S Got Talent event.
to give some supports to my friends :D
how nice am i ;)

the event started late.
but still i manage to catch up with my friends.

here are a few pictures for the event ,

spellman, u have the most shots in my camera ;)

not forgetting cheekuan, the pianist :D

most of them are singing.
there are also few of them who played the piano.
and danced.

right after the performances,
there's drama time.
quite funny since the immitate the story of The Pearl.

pingpong ball = the pearl.

then, dance perfomance from William and Luisa.

cute little boy :D

lastly, the results.

only manage to snap one. :\

overall the event ended quite early.
but im sure people enjoyed.
didnt they?

next update, father's day updates.

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