hello mellow.
im exicted about two things now :

- my trip! (not really exicted. i have not decided yet what to bring. damn it. )
- my blog header. yays yays. i've decided not to upload self potrait pictures because im such a lousy poser ._.

shall see if i manage to snap any nice pictures during my trip ;)

climbed to amy's place again today.
its pretty convinient since her house is just a street away.

this time vivien tagged along.

note : never ever let vivien eat handmade cookies by me and amy anymore.

she got too hyped after eating those cookies.

pictures are not transfered yet. gahh, im so lazy.

speaking of lazy, there's a kingdom of homework i've not even touched yet.
im slacking around like spm has just ended. wtf.

okay, i guess i have to finish up some,
or else i'll suffer next week.

shall end with this passionate picture :

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