i love the effect of the lights.
especially how the red light blended with the picuture.

sorry dear readers,
pictures are not transfered yet.

its been quite sometime since i update some emo post. :\
plus, yahoo's radio playlist are almost all emo songs. gahh.

i think i got emo because someone just shoot me with a harsh word.
do i really have to be perfect in your eyes?

i think i have to start controlling my online time soon.
i think i spend almost 60% of my time surfing the net.
especially facebook.
my close friends would know how often do i update my status.
but, still, i have to watch my words before i could click the button "share"
because some things are not mend to be said.
as i said, even blogging isnt a safe place for me to voice out.
maybe one day i should try locking my post like wretch style.
if i am able to work it out.
i guess things would be better like this?

and for those who knows my blogger password, lucky for u i guess? :P

SPM is less than 5 months away,
and yet i have not catch up some of the previous chapters that im weak at.
my weakest subject is always Biology.
maybe its because i hate memorising scientific names.
and as usual, i often fail add maths.
yes, practise makes perfect.
whenever i want to do exercises, my brain is always blank and all i could ask myself is "what is this? "
i've been studying science for almost 2 years,
and still, i cant really get the purpose of doing this. and why am i blank all the time.

certain teachers in class always seem to look down on me.
sometimes they are not willing to teach at all.
students that sits at the back row are always lazy students.
i guess this phrase often run thru their minds all the time.
whenever i have the effort to learn or i need help,
teacher often give me excuses like "ask ur friend to teach u"
when i was dead tired and i took a short nap while waiting for my teacher to come.
before i could say a word, she already said "do your work. dont sleep! "
so is this how they should encourage students to score well ?

when the front rows have question,
u treated them like VIPs and even joke with them.
so we are aliens to you. thank you so much teacher.

and sometimes, when i did put on a lot of effort on my essays,
i know i was late but at least i passed it up.
weeks later, u did not even bother to mark my paper and gave it back to me.
u often urge us to improve our grammar and always compared how great other students were.
wow, i didnt know passing me back the "clean" paper would improve my grammar.
thank you so much.

i know i should not be complaining since we are big enough to help ourselves.
but i thought that its the teacher's role to guide us and teach us?
some might find it easy to self study but there are amounts that dont.

i think i should start boosting up my grades by cutting down internets.

i need guidance.

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