today i continued baking the remaining cookies.
turned out hangus again. haih.
then the last batch as ngam ngam.

hung over at amy's place.
that woman ar,
sometimes the chicken needs scream its lungs out only she will wake up.


finally i met orih.
sure a cute lil princess.

so photogenic!
she's so much better den the fierce and aggresive hiro.

the other night,
i spend hours doing this.

i bling-ed my automatic gate key :)
teheee, im so proud.

oh yes,
someone actually requested me to do this.
u are such a nice bitch.
u are as thin as a bamboo.
and pretty till guys gotta line up from your house till the mars.
when she shops, her cheecks are rosy,
and her lips are thick enough, therefore she doesnt need more attentions :P
her hair is silky smooth until she doesnt even need to comb her hair.

enough vivien? :D
ways to thank me?
a javachippo will do ;)

cant wait tomorrow!

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