tuesday, we were pretty bored.
so me and my sister, decided to hunt for more desserts.

before that we had lunch at puchong, in a noodle shop

ahhh, u rarely see me with my naked face out.
especially with my bare, like really bare face!

i ordered dried pan mee.
their speciality noodle is the pumpkin flavoured noodle.

never judge a noodle by its cover. lol. wtf am i talking.

this shop was recommended by ho chiak.
but, the idiotic thing is,
no pictures were allowed.
okay, that picture my sister snapped before that fella came.

i mean, come on,
what makes u think i can steal ur recipie lah?
use ur brains la pan mee-tards.

we ordered their fried mayonese spring roll.
overall, their food sucks.
no wonder the price was so reasonable compared to other yummy pan mee shops.

gahh. no more next time there.

so next , desserts @ mill wheel

flavours of ice.

we ordered this so called drink and a lotus pancake.

mango and watermelon flavour.
with vanilla flavour jelly at the centre.

and the pancake with lychee flavoured ice.

a hidden chocolate biscuit under the ice ball.

the lady who served us, looked like i killed her family.
wasnt friendly at all.

and the dessert taste okay. not that bad.
their speciality is only the flavoured ice balls.
they serve ala carte as well.

price , not too expensive nor cheap.

conclusion, just average. nothing special.

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