yesterday, wednesday.

we felt like baking.
so we baked cookies and cake.

since im a chocolate lover, so chocolate cookie is my choice.
and my sister baked orange cake. LOLs.
amy tagged along :)

these are the only pictures i have
because, the boss ran out of battery.
damn it.

cookies didnt turn out that nice :(
im pretty sad about it.

night time, was snowflake again.
addicted lah.

someone tagged along this time.

this time he was wondering about the UFO.

i ordered the jelly dessert again.
and another one was with the tou hua.

him, offering the you tiao to her.
not really offering. looks like begging to me.

then i suggested them to take a couple picture.

school time picture. LOLs.

normal shot.

there is another shot called the lala shot.
but i wasnt allowed to upload it here.
too bad :P

shall end this post with some syok sendiri humans.

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