and you feel yourself suffocating

things that i was doing through out the busy weeks.

i was busying rushing notes and homeworks.
as usual, there is alot of history notes to be done.
plus, i guess majority is busy with the carnival for this weekend.
i rarely get to study. sigh. bad bad bad.

and yeah, i did pass my undang test.
yays yays yays.
i got 45/ 50 which is not bad i guess.
daddy said it doesnt have to be perfect 50/50 since this was just a test.
i was pretty panic that time.
because certain questions were really tough and it was not inside the book.
so i spend the time doing the questions wisely.
done the whole set of question twice.

i was pretty panicked during the colour blind test.
i actually gotta lean back to the chair and tilt my head high to see the numbers properly.
because the chair was so freaking short.

but thank god i managed to pass it.
and i felt it wasnt easy lor okay!

currently im addicted to another guy.
his name is YooGun!
and the good thing is, he doesnt look like a pure pure korean guy.
and his eyes isnt that sepet as Rain :D

how can i deny that he's not cutee?

astro is currently casting a show called Hello, God.
which is such a touching storyyy.
i cannot resist him!

i guess at least he's better looking compared to other guys maybe taiwanese type of guys.

i gotta try to get my eyes on the chemistry book.
this thursday is the quiz.

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