baby boy, u made my day

another picture of JJ as requested by Tiff.
i shall slowly upload his picture in each post.
recently JJ has been a very photogenic dog :P
and im happy with the results!

im having a so- so week only.
but thank god my sister is to the resue to make the week much much better.
at least some activities to escape from the noise since my neighbour is doing renovation.

i am still still addicted to 100yen snow ice.
i just couldnt get enough of it :P
i shall take a picture of it if i bring the baby DSLR next time.

and i love the tuesday's night market crepe!
its just yummy-licious.
its like a must for an every week routine

goodness, why am i talking about food.

i guess i should bring my darling vivian out for an eating outing soon since she loves eating and she's isnt in a happy mood recently.

the other day sis and i went to sunway pyramid.
i think i only shop there like once a year.
its a lil boring for me.

i got a new eco bag since the black one that im using feels fragile.

was pretty disappointed with forever21's stuff.
its like so overpriced for a thin piece of cloth.
and i dont think the cloth quality is good anyway.

yesterday i've skipped school.
i mean, almost half of the class skipped school for a lame reason of being bored i guess.
and ikan bilis who passed this so called sickness to us :P

i actually have my own reason to skip school since my sister and mom always bugged me to consult the specialist.
and i have no choice since my sister is only free in the morning.
so skipped school :P yays.

i woke up quite early to call for the number.
in case im far far behind.
i was number 27, and i was called to reach to the specialist around 11am++
this shows that the specialist is always busy for the whole day.
no appointed was allowed lor.
its like first come first serve via number.

before that had breakfast with daddy at Oldtown.

sis went home and get changed for work,
then went to the specialist.
waited for them for almost an hour.
and waited another 15 mins in the consultation room.
and i was consulted for less than 10 mins.
how great.

all he did was press press, touch touch, look look.
dont think senget please .__.

consulataion fee plus face care and medication cost rm90.
this is the most expesive consultation i ever had. LOL.

later on sis gotta drop me to the nearest train station since she was running late.

hmm, i have no idea what should i blog this time.
kinda, blank .__.

p/s - i think i need desserts !

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