bad hormones

im in love with JJ's pictures :D
(tiff, i hope u are syok-ing sendiri now)

i had an awesome weekend with the family.
daddy was generous enough to bring all of us to TGIF.
and the food turned out to be great and perfect.
me and daddy loved the pasta. but mom and sis didnt like the strong cheesy taste.

one thing i hate about pms are the cramps.
but for a person like me who cannot stand without iced drink for a day,
i had COLD jelly, and ICED blended.
how great.
now i feel something's not good in my tummy.

few things i hate about PMS (i think this is what most girls feel as well) ;
1) cramps. as mentioned above. but certain lucky biatches wont suffer cramps
2) inconvinience in certain aspects. example, swimming. althou tampons were invented.
3) trouble during wee hours. changing it all the time.
4) no iced drinks. no ice cream! (but i think most of them no longer bother about this?)
5) u feel much fatter and bloated.
6) sudden bad mood or maybe scolding people innocently.

i dont think its ashame to talk about these.
because we have to think like science people ;)
pn siti zakiah's quote!

chinese society singing competition post would be up next ;)
and i was pretty proud of spellman.
and i cannot agree more that this was much nicer than the SMKBBSP's got talent singing competition. (im so so sorry to say this.)
althou i didnt really understand what were they talking about throughout the event.
but their drama was pretty funny and entertaining.

i guess i shall end this short post.

p/s - prolly heading to kuantan to visit the grannies this weekend. wohoo. hopefully i manage to set a foot at the beach ;)

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