right, i shall start where daddy dropped us to USCI.
and, we walked down to Oldtown to have breakfast.
on the way we saw a few stalls selling bouquets of flowers.
so we decided to get it right after we finished out breakfast.

the service during that hour was terrible.
everything was so slow and messy, until a table ate without paying the bill.
how great, malaysian style.

by the time the food came to our table, we gotta speed up.
since we are running quite late.
we went back to UCSI to get a bouquet a daisy for sister.
since she doesnt like roses.

walking uphill to the hall was exhausting.
and the bad thing was, we have to que up to use the lift.
hall was located at 5th floor.
and the lift only manage to reach up till the 4th.
great, walk a floor up.

this is actually an exam hall.
not a multipurpose hall.
was so so dissapointed with it.
looks "cheap" lor.

when we were seated,
i was trying out the dslr.
and great. the screen stated "NO CARD"
my heartbeat totally stop and i start to panic.
for sure daddy gave me a kind of look already.

i phonned my sister's bf for help.
first he was unable to help. since he has a student with him.
so i ran down the hill with my heels. it was super painful.
and i called the cab. i even told them where i was and stuff and suddenly my sister's bf called again.
he said he was on the way home.
i was speechless since i've just called the cab.
when the cab arrived and the fella phonned me, i acted like i didnt know anything.
wtf, im so sorry. i didnt know this would happen.

thank god my sis bf is here to the rescue.
i kept saying the word sorry and thank you a million of times.
well, not really million la.
but i guess that day was the highest number of me saying sorry and thankyou.

i entered back to the hall.
tired and sweating like a mad cow, with messy hair. goodness.
so embarassed.

we were warned not no use the camera while the ceremony was on,
but idioticwtfbbq some photo company keep flashing their DSLR non stop.
pretty abvious they wana earn our money.
i didnt care and hide at a corner to take pictures.

when it was almost sis' turn,
i got so panic and happy at the same time.
i kept clicking the button and shot many pictures of hers.
still, im not satisfied with the pictures result.
sigh sigh sigh.

i dont know who is this guy. i was just testing out the camera.
but i love the lighting.

traditional band. quite annoying i can say.

after that i got pretty bored.
and my hp was running out of batt,
so i played with the DSLR again.

daisies :)

daddy got really bored.

emo daddy.

some random peoples.
i think im in love with black and white effects ! :D

suddenly a lecturer made a speech,
where her student passed away i guess weeks before the convocation.
it was a very heartbroken story.
and he died in such young age.
his dad took his cert for his son.
i almost cried on the spot.
mom's eyes were watery as well.

when the convo ended, students were not allowed to leave for photoshooting.
we did not have a proper place to wait at all.
and we waited almost 1 hour for them to finish everything.
imagine when they want a group picture.
then anther group picture according to their courses.
goodness sake. cant they do it during rehersal?

parents didnt even bother to go for their refreshments.
as i saw during 9pm the food was displayed in a open air environment.

and daddy gave her a suprise.
he got her a new car. LOL.
just a joke, dad was actually waiting inside the car.

i exchanged my heels with my sister since i cannot stand the pain anymore.

and i was running late for the school carnival.
sighh. thanks to the ceremony for starting so late.
and thanks to the money suckers photographers to drag the time!

after that day, we had a mini photoshoot session at home before my sister return her gown to the college.

we shall take a proper one. soon.

we didnt miss JJ out ! ;)
JJ can barely fit into his clothes, since he gained alot of weight recently.

i shall end with this post with this picture.

p/s : there is so much to complain for this convocation. and i do not suggest to study there unless u wana graduate in such situation!

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