cross country. well, garden supposely.

u guys can kill me for the late update.
but i did made an effort to edit and upload the pictures.
in the end i save it first because i was pretty busy. again.
yes i know.

3rd of july was cross country in Taman Bukit Jalil.
and yays, i dont have to run. because i get to snap pictures again :D

so my advantages :
1) sitting under the tree and relaxing.
2) looking people run and suffer from oxygen loss. LOL.
3) enjoy my panda biscuits. :D
4) best of the best, take shortcuts!

me and szu wah went to find a suitable stop for us to wait for the runners to arrive.
so we waited at the playground.
and a random auntie came to talk with us.
which one thing i would expect is,
she started to talk about my face.
i know, no matter where i go, people will talk about my face.
i know its not perfect.
but i tried my best to take a very good care of my face already.
i even found out some skin specialist, but its either their appoinment is full or i have something going on that day or my parents are not so free.
but i would not blame them.

i know people are concerned about my face.
but i dont think they have to remind me all the time.
i accept their kindness but still, its like a stab in the heart.

so szu wah and i start to enjoy panda biscuits,
until i had my 2nd bite, i started screaming.
because i saw humans running.

so, picture time :D

damn poser. keep calling me to snap his picture.

this cute teacher and student. very very cute and funny :D

yingxing! dont kill me, im doing my job only :D

this also. but i personally love this picture the most.
its not because i love to see cheekuan suffering.
i find that this emotion is like priceless ;)

giving out the rubberbands.
keiyan, u should be proud of the rubberband usage on that day. :D

my 2 kawan baiks.
sadly, sockkwan couldnt make it to the end.
but at least she tried her best. :)

we then walked to the ending stop.
since we are bored of taking pictures.
all looked the same.
either walking or running.
no monkeys or babi hutans there for me to snap .__.

this two fella pakat one. use same type of camera.

they requested for 2nd shot.

poor mr lim. have to stand and shout to students to enter which lane.

sometimes, teachers loves to be kiddies too.

proud proud keiyan using dslr.
no worries. soon you'll get one.
and we'll form a group for photography outing.

nothing would be perfect without ice cream on such a hot hot day.

geeee. my face. :(

lucky carolyn who managed to get top10.
she was suppose to get the 9th place.
but too drama and sensitive issue. so skip.

prize giving.

then everything was done.

we then head to Carrefour for lunch session.
thanks to MrLoke for the ride.

enjoyable day yet memorable. :)

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