in a blink of eye,

she's graduating.

updates !

people in school are pretty busy for tomorrow.
its pretty a sad thing for not attending on the very last minute.
since my sister made effort to find tickets for her convocation.
thanks alot. i know she wants me to see her graduate.
well, how often would u get to see ur family member graduate?
once in a lifetime opportunity :)
its pretty happy to see her wearing the costume. and of course, throwing her confentiti.

so i think its quite fair to attend my sister's convo instead of going to the school carnival.
but if u have a family member who's graduating i guess people would have done the same thing as well. unless u dont cherish them.

thank you fish, vivian and everyone else for tolerating. and i apologize for not helping as i promised earlier. at least i manage to ask the classmates to help out tomorrow. hopefully they cooperate.

by the way, i'll still make an effort to visit the school althou its quite late.
i wana visit the haunted houses tomorrow! :)

plus, tomorrow seems to be quite a happening day.
since loads of sponsors are coming. not forgetting the TV channel, TV3.
even there's this timbalan someone someone.

still, im very happy for my sister tomorrow.
i finally get to see her officially graduate.
which means, she made a step forward. which is a good thing.
and i guess its almost her turn to pay for my college courses as well :P

hope everything will go smoothly tomorrow :)

fish, i'll do as u say, take more pictures. that goes same to you.
and vivian, thanks for the wishes.

p/s : mum was right. i finally understand. thank you mum. and she's planning on a little trip for us again i guess. that made my day better !

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