sweet escape

yada yada.
u guys are prolly bored with JJ's picture.
but i cant stand uploading his cute lil pictures. :)
i just love to see his pictures enjoying at the playground.
i cant stand a day without touching his fluffy fur.
sigh, how am i surviving in NS without him then?
i hope i'll be able to request selangor area's camp.

i've just transfered the chinese society singing competition pictures to the computer.
and cleared the unwanted ones.
i know i always late and slow in updating stuff.
but sigh, the files are pretty big, and i takes some time to load the pictures nicely.
especially on a sucky comp like mine.
slow poke.
moreover, im quite dissppointed with the pictures taken during the competition.
the pictures arent sharp enough and mostly shaky.
my hands are always shaky and sweating, thus making the picture to appear so sucky.
what a "talented" photographer.

recently, JJ is a happy boy.
because my sis always gets him new goodies.
especially supplements and stuff.
i even felt that the dog's health is even better den us humans now. LOL.
my sis even said that, if Nike designs dog booties, she would be the first one to buy.
see, spoiled dog.

tomorrow i'll be heading to kuantan, which is already confirmed.
its a good news because i miss my grannies alot.
plus, im sure she's still upset with that incident previously.
which, i dont feel like telling here.
hoping to go to the beach and capture the sunrise.
hopefully i'll manage to snap better quality pictures. ;)

we were much closer compared to the past.
im glad, but still afraid that i would be neglected.
thank goodness things were much better.

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