things move on

i guess i need to apologize for being harsh to certain people.
i was being too paranoid about selecting to national service.
but still, if the unselected ones got selected, i guess they would reacted almost the same way.
still, sorry.

after listening to a few comments from everywhere.
i guess i have to wave the white flag and just go with an open mind.
things wont be that bad i guess?
things that im worried that almost everything there's a case regarding to deaths during NS.
i dont wana be one of them.

i even received comments from certain people,
calling me to apply college for the early intake.
although i could delay this, doesnt mean i can escape from it i guess.
some even said go for a month or something like that considered as attended already.

actually, after listening to these comments, i did not feel better.
i felt guilty.
its not because im afraid being caught for not going or whatever.
my heart tells me that i have to go and complete 3 months in the camp.

sigh. maybe i should start thinking of the bright side.
going to NS is a lifetime opportunity.
who knows i might learn more things there.
and also a chance to prove that a spoiled brat can be a tough soldier!
lastly, i want a coca cola bottle!

next thing,
i dont really like this week,
which is the begining of the month.
things that spoils my mood alot is that my nose.
my stupid sensitive nose.
i have to sneeze at least 5 times everytime i wake up.
which ends up people think i have H1N1 flu when i go to school.
i hate the feeling of my itchy nose when im doing homeworks.
my mood tend to go worst and worst when the flu keeps continue.
which actually made me showing black faces and pissed to my friends.
im so so sorry.

whatever it is, i have a sense of bad luck would keep coming non stop.
i hope i can face this.

ps; finally i can lock my posts. i didnt realise that the link was in my mozilla bookmarks long long ago.

its better to keep things silent.
i can trust nobody but myself.


amy said...

mayyen, you wont be one of them, kay. You will live a long life (: gambateh !!

SO SO SORRY , about your pendrive. Everytime when I wanna drop by your house I have something going on. SO SO SORRY.

be happier, there's always someone out there living a suckier life then us (: <333

JoeyCheong said...

thanks honey :) im feeling much better.
nah, no worries! u can keep it.
im pretty busy recently as well :D