You rock my world

i have no idea why blogger said my blog was locked due to spamming?
if it was because of my NS post,
im so so speechless.
because, i dont think im the only one who uses vulgars for blogging.
and, its just my way to express my sadness and anger for getting selected to NS.
well, i just dont get it.

by this time,
i should be sitting right infront of the table doing my revision.
i ended up blogging again.
too bad, couldnt stop the fingers.

today was cross country at Bukit Jalil park.
if i were the teachers, i wont really agree to have it there,
since i dont think many people knows that place.
this morning on my way there, i saw a few students went to the wrong park.
or at least teachers should provide bus there.

my partner for this photography session was SzuWah.
we started to walk around the park before the cross country starts.
and we met few teachers who were about to set the check points.
thats the first time me looking at Mr. A get so mad.
i guess his temperature almost reached 100 degree celcius.

during the whole activity, i could actually see many teachers were complaining or standing aside gossiping instead of helping.

back to the story.
me and SzuWah went to find a nice checkpoint and we waited almost an hour for them to arrive.
yea, lots of mosquito bites. i hate you.

i didnt really take much pictures as they all look the same.
running and running. nothing special.

until when the girls start to come,
i was ordered by carol to prepare her bottle.
and i started screaming before she arrive.
panic + exicted ma.
too bad, sock kwan couldnt stand anymore.
since she wasnt feeling well.
pity pity :\

right after the run, we gossiped among teachers.
me and carol stole alot alot of gardenia bread.

then we headed to Carrefour for lunch session at McD

and walked a big big round around the mall.
carol was hyped. for some reasons.

around 3 i was KO-ed since i didnt get enough sleep and tired.
thanks keiyan for the ride home.

it was a great time with the girls and also not forgetting the only man, spellman.

good luck for your singing. ;)

i guess i should start studying now.

ps; does this still consider as spam? .__.

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