i seriously think that 5G 2009 is hopeless.
especially the gents and any other people *i realise 5G people have very thin faces. because always like to admit stuff one*

my duty is not to call every single one of u to clean up the classroom everyday.
because i am only assinged for the bulletin board.
thats it.
but the main problem is, whenever the class isnt announced in the top3 cleanest class,
who is getting the blame?
eventually teacher would say that i did not clean or call the class to clean.

everyday i yell peoples' on duty name,
who is there to listen?
for more than a sem im in school, here are the excuses i OFTEN listen :
1) later la.
2) after recess
3) after this period. because teacher teaching
4) aiyo, going to finish school already still need to clean?
5) not i throw one the rubbish here. like that i still need to clean?
4) *turns head to my table and smile* HEHE. * and looks back in front acting nothing happen*
5) tables also not messy, no need la.
6) she/ he also never do. i need to do ar?
7) no dustpan / no broom/ no duster/ how to do?
8) im not free la. doing something. wait la.

so far i could only think of these.
and now, let me answer these MAKING SENSE questions according to the numbering stated above.

1) how late is later? when the sky falls? can i say u go toilet later when ur bladder is about to burst?
2) how many after recess u have ar? why not after u give birth or u become daddy only come back 5G to clean up the mess ?
3) well, why now u do it earlier before teacher could some? *i know sometimes teacher is early.* but u can still do minutes after recess, or before any other period starts, right?
4) did u mother taught u these? goodness. good manners u have.
5) not messy is better than not doing. arranging the chairs as well because i know its always messy
6) ur partner did or did not do, dont complain to me. complain to your partner. when ur sibilings never help u do stuff, do u need me to help u to complain to ur mother? grow up people. we are 7teen. not 7.
7) there's such thing as LEND. dont tell me u never lend nor borrow stuff before.

from now on, im calling names of duty only ONCE.
or else, i'll take the brooms or whatever it is to ur table and escort u guys to do it.
nice enough?
still not happy? fuck it. explain to teacher when the class is dirty.

dont think that i dont know some of u guys arent doing ur duties in class.
im not blind.
especially for those who loves to play hide and seek during classes.

and speaking of hopeless.
im continuing this issue since u guys love playing chain posts.
awww. sweetness. me likey.
whats a continued chain without my post?
lets start.

i wasnt angry of you.
because u were my friend since primary.
i appreciate you.
i rarely talk to u it doesnt mean i dont cherish u as a friend.

and, we never blame u for not knowing other languages besides english.
because nobody is born to know all the languages.
if someones has the will to learn something, nothing is impossible.

and im going to answer ur issues :

1) i actually called to ur member and waved my hand to get attention from u all. what i had was only a wait sign.

2) if u guys didnt stand up, even if im a teacher assume that u guys aint presenting. even husna did not stand up and teacher assumed she wasnt presenting. as u said, not much difference. why still cant make the effort to?

3) too bad. i dont think anyone heard nor saw. our bad then.

4) "were both caught up in money issues". shows how amazing that u guys have the mood and time to talk about money business when there's a balloon is a about to pop anytime in front of u guys.

5) "awesome show right?" not awesome meh. we stand there like kena lightning strike. and u guys were just like covered with a protecting sheet. not good meh. i also want to be protected.

6) wei, thanks. we polish shoe also. but not as shinny as u guys. sorry lah, we use cheap polishing goods.

7) dont worry, u have a smart one beside ur table only. double sumore ;)

8) sorry for being a lousy polisher because we cant polish as shinny as u guys one. haihhh. but hor, we tried to accept the apologies and stuff. and as i recall, there's a person in ur gang often say sorry and say will change. wow, i see a huge change. WE MADE EFFORT TO GET CLOSE TO U GUYS. WHAT WE GET IN THE END? we make effort to mix with everyone. but did u guys? u dont always expect door service. sometimes u have to work for something in able to satisfy ur needs. "i am not born to please everyone"

and we never have the intention to steal any of ur friends.

and if u still think we are the baddies, ignore us. "ignorance is BLISS"

kokurikulum issue.

u sponsor SWEETS? as i recall, the WHOLE CLASS had to pay to sponsor for the sweets. and ur asam was just additional. i know, sometimes there are certain people who is calculative. we can return the money to u if u want :) or return ur asams, because we never used a single BIJI of urs. i know, its hard to gain ur trust, and u rather get back CASH. so we pay u if u want.

i know i did not helped much nor attend that day.
at least i tried my best to be there even in the very last minute and i was trully sorry to be late.
my presence is just useless to guys i guess.
"so late only come. must well dont come la. everything over already"

and next,
class issue.
as everyone know,
recently teachers arent happy with our class.
and yes, where were u guys when we were facing these scoldings again?
i know, busy with jobs. fine, not ur fault with the jobs.
when u guys enter class u guys only ask whats happening,
did the word "sorry" passed by ur mind?
nope, i guess it didnt.
i know its abit stupid to say sorry to ur friends because it wasnt ur fault hor.
nevermind la. this is what teamwork is right?

the reason why 5G 2009 is such a failure because nobody bother to work together.
see classes like 5H and 5F.
during gotong royong, whole class of 5F came.
ya la, our class nothing to do, no need help much one ma.
later too many people also nothing to do.
guess what,
me, carol, sanjivan and others,
stayed back till late to decorate and clean up the class.
we were sorry for messing up the tables and chairs.
instead of thank you, u guys only complain dirty table, dirty chair, this so ugly, that so ugly.
i know, other clubs got other things to do ma.
even some people who got duty for other club make effort to come and help.
some worst, at home sleeping hor?

this is part of the reason why our class is such a failure.
lack of teamwork.
nobody bother doing this and that
nobody has the spirit to make our class teacher happy by achieving a small success to a better success.
i never have the brains to make teacher happy.
but at least i tried my best to decorate the class to make her happy.
fyi; on the gotong royong day, she actually came to help us to clean up the class.


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