Don't forget.

currently, im feeling slightly better.
with friends around me, things would be better.
plus, i dont want them to see my long papaya face.
it keeps them curious and scared i guess?
because people say when im sad i looked like i was about to eat someone.
no comments by the way.

as for the issue im facing,
i would not blog it in here.
i think that person deserves to have privacy.
but who know, i might or might not spill the beans.
obviously to my only trusted kawans.
so kawans, try asking someday?

and as for my sister,
fear not alright. ;)

but in the end,
i'll still have to face it by myself.

actually, what made me blog today is that,
i hate today.
i hate people around me today.
excluding bilis, rubber, socks, lyn, nugget and so on.

our class were divided into 2 groups,
which is the boys and the girls.
then, we were assign to present a sub chapter.
fyi ; it was last minute. so dont expect perfection.
i actually made an effort to call the front table filled with FEMALES to discuss.
and guess what, one of them saying they were discussing about a CD.
which means, leaving us 8 girls doing it.
the moment teacher stepped in,
the front table FEMALES acted nothing happened.
and impossible we just leave things halfway. so 8 of us went in front and present.

during presentation,
people only know how to complain and give comments and assign us to draw stupid diagrams which i dont think is needed.
sorry, we are in chemistry class, not art class.
and the moment she asked us a questions, u FEMALES didnt even want to help us.
u FEMALES laughed and giggled instead.
ending the presentation halfway with a scolding.
awesome show right?

so when we got all the scolding only u FEMALES took over the presentation happily.
wow, thanks alot.
do i need to give each of u FEMALES gold medals?
well, maybe its because u FEMALES love polishing people's shoes.
and i know, posts like this would make u FEMALES to complain to her.
go ahead. because in u FEMALES eyes,
we are dumb asses. never had any talents.
our standard ain't that high to socialise with u FEMALES.
because u FEMALES have awesome brains and polisher.
am i right?

guess what, its August now.
and we are having a week break soon.
few more months till graduation
till then, i wont have to look at u FEMALES sickening polisher face.


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