happy birthday momma.

last week, was momma's birthday.
we celebrated at Duck King.
yays, my favourite.
i missed Duck King a lot eversince we came back from our Bandung trip.

note to self ; make sure to make a reservation first. because it was super packed!

we enjoyed the food a lot there.
but still, Bandung's Duck King tasted better :)
if not mistaken, it was originated in Indonesia.
since most of the outlets are in Indonesia.
and only 1 in KL if not mistaken.

i personally love this picture.

after dinner, we went opposite, which is Starbucks.
to have a cake and coffee session.
since sis' bf bought a cake for momma.

Starbucks was much much peaceful compared to Duck King,
so we started singing birthday song to momma.
before i finished the song she blew the candle .__.

she's to touched until the plastic knife that she's holding was handled at the wrong side.

family picture. a new member ;)

candid shot of momma :D

then sis gave the watch that we all bought for her earlier at 1U.

she was happy to get a new watch. finally.
i liked it because it was so bling bling-ed :D

next celebration was with the aunt.
on thursday at Rakuzen, Subang

the environment there isnt that good.
because there was a group of japanese,
making quite a lot of loud noises by laughing and slamming the tables.
plus, the room wasnt completely sound proof. great.

then it was present time :)

i like the cowie. so cuteee. too bad, isnt mine :(

groupie picture.

salad with ebikko topping.
my fav ebikko :D

lastly, my unagi set ;)

the food was very delicious and fresh.
yet, i guess the meal isnt cheap.
well, like what people say, we pay for the quality :)

p/s ; realise that i only turned up in 1 of the pictures among all? im actually trying to avoid cameras recently. because of my acne. gahh. when is it going away? :(

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