Photography club competition

i apologize for the late update.
i actually wanted to upload the pictures of this competition,
but i have no idea what went thru my mind, i uploaded my momma's birthday pictures first.

i know im late,
since most of the members uploaded their pictures in facebook and stuff.

my memory card mostly consist of human pictures than floral pictures.
boo. i wasnt in a mood for competition seriously.
maybe because i felt that place not really special since i've been there before a few times *keiyan, dont feel bad for this phrase. still, i enjoyed a lot in floria ;) *
instead of me taking pictures,
several of my these pictures are taken by FungSoon and JiaMeng.
so, picture credits to them :)

first of all, jump shots.
we spend i guess around 30 mins on this spot.
Vivian was busy camwhoring at the other side.
that place was freaking hot.
"the higher we climb, the hotter it is"

i did not take this picture. no, not me.
but i photoshoped this picture to cover JianHong's acne away :D
his skin is so silky smooth now.

poser vivian.

evidence of vivian camwhoring almost everywhere :

i personally love this picture of FungSoon :D

the not smiling FungSoon.
oh yeah, i would also like to thank FungSoon, JiaMeng and Leon for carrying my tripod.
such good gentlemen :D

my first floral picture for the meantime.
i still think its not bokeh-ed enough :\

half smiling FungSoon.
the reason why there are loads pictures of him because, he was waiting for his turn to hold my DSLR :P

2nd floral shot. sigh, so dissappointed.

groupie picture. thanks to ChinTong for helping out since im having difficulties to set the timer shot and before that FungSoon was so busy with another groupie picture, so i couldnt get the tripod.

forced to smile. but still looking much better.

gateway to heaven. i guess sometimes overexposed picture could be interesting ;D

aww, such a loving ____ . * fill in urself. i dont wana get bashed :P *

is this counted as floral?

fish looks like a 7 yr old kid having fun with the branches or whatever it is called.

kangaroo and fish :D

my very very very first picture with FungSoon.
at least he's smiling here :D

road not taken

advisor teachers for the trip.

so cuteee smile :D

reflected kangaroo and fish.

happy Vivi. * i did not take this picture either ! *



umm. justin.

mr superstar spell.

the main attractor of the day ;)
his camera weighs like 3 times heavier than my camera.
i can barely hold it with my pair of hands. geee.

i like JiaMeng's green canon!

err, im not pretty sure would this picture upset u, but u can request for me to take it down if u want to :)

this picture looks like S.H.E and fans taking picture of them :P

the boys

we then headed to Floria Festival.
we were separated.
left only me, KeiYan and Spellman.

we walked around and went to the momumen thingi.

the view from the monumen.

KeiYan ! :D

on the way walking up , there's this history line.
showing year by year.
i snapped this because i was born in 1992! :D

the tall tall monumen

after that we went back down because we were afraid that Spellman is bored to death.
because he was too tired to walk up.

then we start walking back.
on the way walking back, we took some flower pictures.

i love this yellow flower because its my favourite colour :D

we stopped by to buy iced coffee.
and i really gotta thank Spellman for mentioning the iced coffee, which is called iced honey calypso. :D
i wana drink it again so badly !

time to go home then, the end.

p/s ; these pictures were mostly edited. but still, after editing it sucked badly. Keiyan, is it still possible to submit these edited pictures for the competition?

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