as promised

this picture was taken last time at amy's house
finally i had the time to edit this picture. :\

click to enlarge these 2 pics above to see the long and crowded line at the jetty to Pulau Ketam.

and its the same goes to the cars.
every single space was filled with cars.
can barely get a perfect parking space :\

after Bukit Tinggi Jusco, we went to the temple as mentioned in previous post.


mom and dad :)

even baby buddha knows the concept of One Malaysia.

mom requested for this flowery picture


today i had dinner with the 4 other kawan baiks.
sadly socks and cheekuan was unable to attend.
but its alright.

we ate 100c steamboat.

and i dont have a single picture from the dinner.
i got no camera except for the lousy hp camera.
and yes, i love photography but i dont have a cam.
dont ask why. im frustrated enough with that issue.

instead i called my friends to take pictures.
dinner was quite nice.
and i forced rubber to eat 2 pieces of veggie.
she hates eating veggie.
tsk tsk tsk.
yes, i know u are reading this si fatt, u have to eat more veggies alright! :)

we then headed to night market via cab.
sadly carol has some other awesome plan with her friends.
and 4 of us got con by the lousy cabby driver.
he took the super long way home.
and ate RM 9.50 from us.
its just like kuchai lama to sri petaling. wtf.
i dont remember the plate number, hopefully ky still have it in her mind.
fishie was energetic enough to slam his door.

we walked around night market,
fishie, being itchy handed touch people clothes ending up not paying a single penny :P
ky and vivi was desperate for shorts.
in the end we both seperated and fishie dad sent me home.
thanks alot :)

i'll call it a night !

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