Back in action!

finally im back for blogging.
the night before i was editing the pictures.

during the school break,
mom asked me to choose between penang and cameron.
at first i wanted penang since i wana visit my friend.
but that silly girl moved to kl to work already.
so i thought kinda pointless to visit penang without her bringing me around for cheap and good food :)

therefore, cameron is the choice !
sad thing was,
2 days before that i was very very sick.
started with a mild cough then sore throat.
next day i was having a high fever.
i was pretty scared that it would be H1N1 since that disease was quite terrible that time.
plus, a day before that, there was a confirmed case of H1N1 in our school.
and yet, i still go to school.
well, i think too much la :P

i went to consult the doctor.
and i can barely stand still since the fever is giving my whole body ache.
i feel so tired all the time.
dad was kind enough to bring me to the doctor.
sigh, i hate my immune system for being so weak.
it was the third time in a year consulting doctor.

doc took my temperate and saying its quite high and its not H1N1.
i was relieved and yet scared at the same time.
tears almost flow! okay, dramatic i know.

the doc continued to talk with my dad,
i could not stand anymore and i layed my head on the table to rest.
and doc gave the permission to visit cameron :)

that night i didnt have the mood and strength to pack much.
i simply pick and pack.

next day fever was slightly better.
still looking like a dead fish. and sick of congee and High5 creamed bread already.

our first destination was the BOH tea plantation.
thank god daddy was smart for insisting to visit on the same day.
because it closes on every monday.

p/s; not a single picture of me since i look very dead and ugly

my sister holding an umbrella for me.
i felt like a princess :P

on the way walking up.
a man full of gadgets.

daddy was telling mom how good his cap was.
it was a present by my sis and i last time to him.
p/s ; it was from RejectShop. and yet still wana show off. but who cares lah. we were kids that time :P

daddy talking philosophy.

my happy daddy.
he has to drink at least a cup of tea everyday.
its his drug.
coffee is not his favourite :\

daddy said he wants to build a house similar to this at the mountains

tea processing.

the must have picture taking spot before leaving.

on the way walking down we saw the cute strawberry hats.

we then checked into Strawberry Park hotel.
i would recommend there since its not bad.
althou the place is quite in.
the room was not bad.
they have this flat screened LCD tv :D
and they even sell their own strawberry which is a lot different from others outside in the market.

we then headed to have steamboat early dinner.
i get hungry real fast there.
time passes quite slow there since there's not much activity to do.

when night falls,
i was the first to complain hungry again.
i phonned the room service for pasta.
which satisfied my hunger.

after that i got really hyped and suddenly feeling very hot.
i even sweat.
daddy said " see, got holiday so happy. what sick also nothing already "
i got too tired and i fell asleep.

the next morning we had breakfast at Starbucks
and i finally got enough stamps to redeem their eco bag :D
after that we went to the market place to get some vege and corn.
i love their corn.
seriously sweet and edible when its raw ;)

then we went back to the hotel and prepare for check out.
that is when i got really sick again.
on the way down i felt really giddy.
i ate sweets which doesnt help at all.
until we reached to bidor.
sis called me to eat something to feel better.
instead i felt worst.

i asked for a plastic bag in case.
and when i really could not stand. i told my sis.
she accompanied me to the car.
but too bad, before i can reach to the car, i puked .__.
its a waste that i've ate in less than 30 mins.

and i can sense 2nd round is coming.
dinner i didnt eat much.
only rice. since mom said nothing suits my taste that time.
i thought 2nd round wont come.
mana tao....

when i was about to sleep.
2nd round came.
i cannot sleep that time.
plus, i need to go for tuition next day.

i shall end this post with this picture

my sis is prolly going to kill me now.

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