im quite bored.
and i dont wana leave my blog dead once again since im still having hols.
so this isnt an excuse to not blog :P
i gotta start controling myself.
when school reopens, i'll brush thru the books until its squeeky clean and smooth.
and cyberworld only an hour a day.
not bad eh?

i got nothing to blog about yet :\
maybe tomorrow, yes.

third, im going to blog nonsense again.

i guess thats the favourite part of myself. blogging nonsense, complaining, commenting and ranting.
but hey, its my territory. as long i dont blog about political stuff right? ;)

how many of us could find anyone else who has the exact character, thinkings, likings, IQ, EQ, or whatever it is in someone?
i guess its quite hard.
therefore, each of us are unique.
isnt that something that we should be happy about?
since we are different from others.

can you imgaine if everyone happened to be the same?
same face, same brain, same character, same hobbies and etc.
its disasterous.
we might be fighitng over the same boyfriend, same clothes, same toys, and who knows the whole wide world of humans would prolly end up cramping themselves in the swimming pool.
and the technology would most prolly not improve.

so what if we are different from each of us?
we might be facing certain conflics between everyone.
but, u wont be fighting the same boyfriend that much anymore.
since we are gifted with different thinkings and opinions.
and yays, we have phones that supports almost everything which is similar to the computer.
its because we have different brains, different minds, different ways.

therefore, we cannot expect the same thing from everyone.
and yes, thank god for his creation.

conclusion, dont expect to be treated the same from everyone. because everyone is different :)

finding this post stupid, lame, dumb or whatever?
oh well, why are u reading till the end then? :)

omfg, it sounds like im typing an essay ~_~

I'll update about tonight's dinner soon.
as soon as i get the pictures edited asap.
and yes, steamboat again.
this is the third time of the week .__.

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