mini update

as the title says, mini update.

right, so Pulau Ketam plan canceled.
im quite happy actually.
because, mins before i leave home i did a lil research on Pulau Ketam.
and they say its very very dirty and no proper drainage.
can u imagine ur pee pee and poo poo flowing to the poor sea?
plus, the long and crowded line at the jetty is already another no no.
and and, perverts. wtf.
i was wearing very casually with shorts and yet those perverts gave a damn hamsup stare.

i'll upload the pictures soon.
not pictures of the perverts la of course.

then we headed to bukit tinggi jusco.
its quite big. and yet, kinda boring to me.
i find that klang people are really weird.
okay, spank me if there's someone from klang reading this :\

next was a temple at somewhere.
i dont really know where it is because i fell asleep in the car :P
its very big but of course kek lok si is way way bigger and better.
this one is sort of like institute where u can learn everything about buddha.
cool eh?

places that we visited may seem little,
but it was a long and tiring day indeed :)

dinner with the bitches later.

too bad, my baby isnt here. my sister kidnapped it. :(

p/s ; im kinda addicted to swimming lately. anyone interested to tag along ?

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