think twice.

okay. im really bored now.
im tired yet i dont feel like sleeping.

reason number 1 :
im dead tired because i went swimming for 2 days already. and today was extra tired.

reason number two :
because i felt that i shouldnt waste my saturday night by sleeping early.

anyways, mom planned to head to Pulau Ketam tomorrow.
im not sure if i've been there before.
but, i dont know. i dont have a good feeling that i'll enjoy tomorrow.
since i heard that we gotta take ferry?
i have sea sick as well okay .__.
okay fine, i admit i have sea sick, car sick, airplane sick or whatever sick they have.
i suck. fml.

reason i wana update my post isnt about how i spend my weekend of anything.

i have this issue which kept flashing thru my mind.
do u ever believe friends are FOREVER?
i dont believe in forever love.
which makes me think friends arent forever as well.
since your love couldnt spend ur time with u forever even if u die,
so what makes u think a friend could?
does it make any sense right now?
fuck me if it doesnt. :\

friends are loyal. true or false?
in my opinion.
there might be a certain amount of friends who are loyal to their friends.
but others stab and betray :|
people often tell me this phrase " never trust anyone in your life. trust yourself "
and yet i still ignore partly of that phrase because i always get too soft hearted when people tend to sweet talk to me. *my intention isnt about guys please .__. *

truth is, when u are loyal to someone, how would u know if they are loyal to you?
words that comes out from our lips sometimes aint true.
speaking is easy.
maybe some of your friends define the word loyal as, sweet talking first and then asking for a help. prolly their intention was your help.
but you wouldnt want to decline their request since u are loyal.
instead, u are being kind and u helped.
but whats next?
would he or she continue talk to you and helping u back with a sincere heart or putting on a fake smile saying bye bye?

or maybe for another example.
u contact ur loyal friend via phone or maybe u want to save money, by chatting in msn.
u spill your beans to them.
and they actually reply you for the first few messages that u've sent.
then it gets lesser and lesser until they dont even bother replying neither concerning.
okay, u understand. he/ she might be busy.
and suddenly he/she appears offline.
okay, maybe there's a problem with the line.
u waited and waited for ur friend to at least return you a text or maybe trying to get the connection fixed.
u waited for a week already and yet not a single news.
right, very loyal indeed.
and responsible.

by the way, im not mentioning or poking anyone in this post. SERIOUSLY. deep deep from my heart.
but if anyone is thick faced enough to admit. im sorry laaaa. im just voicing up my opinions.
but lemme repeat. THIS ISNT FOR ANYMORE. i fucking swear !

fyi ; a loyal friend doesnt break promises as well ;)

nights bloggers/ readers.

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