busy as BEE

now that i have time to blog.
i better blog something before someone starts throwing stinky eggs at me.

since my exams are FINALLY over,
like finally.
i am sometimes too free and i have nothing to do.
sometimes i would rather go to school instead sitting at home like a couch potato.
seriously, during the noon there are nothing to watch at the TV.
and spending my time by putting my ass on the computer chair and surfing Facebook would be a waste of time.
and also, no blood circulation .__.

at least when im at school i would get to walk around,
talk around and stuff.
or maybe i would get to walk home from school.
geeshh, i really miss that now.

anyway, 5 years is surely too fast.
i would miss every single of u.
like seriously.
althou how words came out from my mouth like " i hate you" , "fuck u" *okay i ment it as a joke* and stuff.
sighhhhh. :(
i dont want to blog about it before i start flooding infront of the computer.

right after SPM,
mom came to pick me up.
so sweet of her.
im really thankful that mom took certain days leave to accompany me.
especially when she made the effort to buy me lunch and wait for me after my last paper. wtf so touched T.T

and also my sister.
who didnt want me to die from hunger.
bought me food as well.
last week,
i've been eating chicken rice for 3 days. wtf.
its because this damn sri petaling is always jam.
and, probability of finding parking within 5 mins is 0/10000000
had no choice but taking it away.
and chicken rice is like the fastest food.
even McD is defeated. :P

then sis took me out to hunt for winter clothings.
wtf. its so bloody expensive and till now i couldnt get a perfect one.
and yes, i'll be going to shanghai for 8days next friday.
which means, not celebrating the xmas eve in KL
T.T im doomed.
i know some of u would might think im bragging.
but hello?
try thinking that does china citizens even celebrate xmas?
and and, i wont have friends there T.T
doomed again.

another thing,
i've went thru the itenary,
and i dont see any words like "shops", "market" and "mall"
triple doomed this time T.T

my close friends might know i rarely wear jeans.
and yes, i have to get jeans or else i'll be frozen to death.
after weeks of searching,
i've finally manage to find 2 perfect pair of jeans that fits me perfectly.
wait, actually 3. but, i've decided not to be a shopaholic. ;)

one thing i hate wearing jeans is that,
i'll look short.
and hardly have my size.
and my legs looks like a buffalo!
no choice.
wear or freeze.

what i need now is that damn winter wear and im done.
any idea where i can get nice and cheap ones?
i would prefer if its not those water proof type.
because i dont wana look like a dumpling.
or probably i might end up rolling while walking.

and finally today i manage to get my eyebrow trimmed.
before i trimmed they looked like ____.
*i dont know how to describe this. fill in the blanks yourself*
and im happy with the new look.
except for something..
the lady who helped me to trim the eyebrow.
she stinks.
because she's a smoker.
and and,
u know when people trim ur eyebrow, and their fingers are like touching ur face and stuff.
i can smell the cigarette smell. and omfg.
im like smelling cigarette smell for 30 mins.
and when she huff and puff.
omfg. her breath .__.
its not like im against people smoking.
i mean, they can smoke as much as they want since it isnt my problem.
sometimes its a lil unbearable to sniff the cigarette smell since non of my family members in my house smokes.
so yeah, at least i didnt approach her telling "hey woman, u smell like u've just marinated urself in cigaratte"

anyway, i'll end it here first.

ps ; finally able to watch NewMoon. the only part i enjoyed was the moments with Jacob Black. others were boring. ohlala Jacob <3

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