today my family and i went to hunt for winter clothings.
and yes, i finally found mine.
althou i wanted another type.
but, still, better buy first. be safe den sorry.

i now realise that choosing ur winter clothing isnt that easy.
especially when u're looking for nice and cheap ones.
see, i dont buy branded like all the time.

i was planning to get my winter jacket at Peel Road as recommended by a friend.
and thank god i purchased my winter jacket before i went to Peel Road.
since most of the shops there are already closed down.
and the winter wear there was more expensive.
so yeah,
and it happened when my mom was getting hers,
the sales lady saw that i didnt get mine.
because mine more problematic one.
sometimes front part cannot zip.
sometimes arms there too small and stuff.
and finally she got one for me.
it was the colour i wanted.
mom and dad said it was nice, so, problem solved ;)

then we went to fetch sis back from work.
we spend time finding some sweaters and stuff.

and headed for dinner at Aman Suria Damansara.
if u're a pork lover, surely is a right place to dine :)
i've visited the place there twice this week.
the food there is hearty and homey feeling.
and super tasty.

its worth to try.
plus the price there is reasonable

here's a link where a blogger reviewed the place *click*

and this is the official Facebook account. where u can get all the details there *click*

i personally love the Soft pork ribs and Apple crumble dessert :D

i shall end my post here.

thank you mummy and daddy. <3

all i need is...

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