new year, new resolutions!

since 1st of jan 2010 is less than a day,
i shall make a last post before today, passes!

here are my resolutions for 2010 :
*if u're about to call me a spoiled brat, i dont read lah please*

1) to be my very first BB phone.
i've been longing for this very long already.
and i plan to use my savings lor!
unless daddy is kind enough :P

2) study even harder.
i realise that during my spm yr,
i slacked alot.
now that college is here, i must double up!

3) online even less.
this is a must in able to study ;)
but but, what if my studies are related by doing research online?
bwahaha :P

4) be a better daddy's girl.
which means, spend even less :)
and control my temper.
but if during pms, i'll try my best lah. fml.

5) try saving money
i always fail to do so :|

6) make new buddies.
not that i dont cherish my primary and secondary school mates,
but, i dont find it harmful to expand the connections right? :)

7) try persuading mom to get a lappy.
since she always blow water saying wana get a lappy for us to share. hmmm.

8) eat more VitC!
i should start eating more VitC to prevent getting sick like 4 times a year.

9) be more independent.
cannot always rely on parents and maid to cook one. wtf -_-

10) to be RICH!

i guess that it i could think since im in a rush. fml.
see, im like the kindest blogger you could ever find.
during rush hour also can blog so much ;)

cheers and happy new year everyone.
may be the year 2010 be an awesome year to everyone!

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