reunion class of 04'

its been a while since we've saw each other's faces.
and guess what, i was the only smkbbsp-ian who attended this party if not mistaken.
i guess some were left out.
dont blame me, im not the organizer. :P

i was late to the party due to the mashed potatoes thingi.
i suck at cooking i know ._.

first it was a lil awkward to see each other because we've never met for almost 5 years.
so as things got much better, the heat was on! :D

thank you amy for providing us shelter.

later on, we headed to the park.
which i hate it becaues mosquitoes would never fail to bite me >:(
most of them, which includes annabel and yenyi went crazy at the park.
like super crazy.
their crazy-ness never changed since primary.
its super true.

17 already yet act like 7.
tsk tsk tsk.
but nevermind, we still love u tons. :)

super long time no see friends. except haziq. because its almost possible to bump into him during school hours at HangTuah lrt station.

after the park session we have more photo sessions, gambling session and crap.
the only time i had my best laugh was with annabel and yenyi in amy's room.
yes, see pictures in facebook.

sorry if i couldnt upload all the pictures here because im super duper busy with tons of stuff.
and tons of china pictures are waiting to be edited. FML.

more pictures abt the reunion, visit my facebook! thankies!

shall end this post with a group picture.

hope to see u guys real soon ;)

and for those who are leaving for NS already,
best of luck and take care.
*not that im being sarcastic or whatever, just take care lah wtf!

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