SaiB the canonG11

reason why i called this fella SaiB *small B* its because,
im used to call the 450D BB.
so both also BB, i differentiate them big and small.
welcoming canon G11 to our family :)

mainly this camera is sister's one :\
reason we get the cam its because,
sometimes DSLR is a lil bulky and when we wana take groupie pictures,
not everyone knows how to use it.
*im not looking down or discriminating people who doesnt know how to use DSLR*
so we've decided to get this canon.
at first we were choosing between canonG11 and LumixLX3.
as everyone said lumix is a very good brand.
but we decided to get canon since its more friendly user.
bwahaha, canon supporter.

recently i've been visiting very often to MidValley.
omfg its like my 2nd home already now.
helped my sister to do some xmas shopping yday at Midvalley.
and i looked like a grandma. -_-
because i wasnt dressed up like how i used to dress.
reason why my sis and i did not wana dress up because we were lazy,
and we went to breakfast with daddy,
and we wana go there early.
if we spend time making up and stuff,
we'll prolly end up reaching there late noon,
which most prolly or should i say very high chance of getting stuck in the jam.

things which freak me out the most is my sis kept calling me to drive to MidValley.
yes, not a problem but wtf, the cars are like damn fast. T.T
i just had my license for around 2 months only leh.
driving there is like heart attack.
i admit im not a good driver ._.

one thing that potong-ed stim today is when we entered this camera shop.
not mentioning the name. later kena throw smelly eggs.
this guy,
who is the promoter there,
was being super rude to my sister.
before my sister could finish her sentence,
he kept acting smart and talk cock.
like wtf.
until my daddy cannot tahan him and fight back.
the promoter looked at us as if we are dumb whores who knows nothing abt camera.

right, shall stop here.
im need to get some rest and start packing my stuff.
geeeeee. i hate falling sick.
this is my 4th time falling sick within a year.
what a jinx ._.

i'll be away from tomorrow till the 26th.
yes, long trip.
praying hard that this trip would be fun.

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